Web apps! Get your Web apps!

We’ve got a few more web apps to share with you all. It’s getting hard to keep track of all the tools being built on App.net, good thing we have the App.net Directory!  Note: the app descriptions are from the developers of those apps; edited slightly for space and formatting.

ARush - ARush is a #hashtag filterable post wall – fork the project and add things you’d like to see!  Created by @boerni




Patter- Patter allows you to create and join public chat rooms on app.net. It is similar to IRC or instant messaging. Create a room and then invite other users by sharing the URL.  Created by @duerig



Tagboard - Tagboard is like a hub for hashtags. Search social media across various networks — App.net included!  Created by @sperte



TreeView - TreeView displays threads from App.net in a tree, rather than the flat view used by clients and on Alpha. This makes it easier to follow a thread that has multiple people.  Created by @simon_w



Osusume! ADN - Osusume! ADN is a web service which recommends ADN users based on who you follow. Created by @akr



Firepost –  Firepost enables you to quickly and easily: make quick postings from within Firefox AwesomeBar, share postings from other users, receive notifications when you’re mentioned and more.  Created by @appcoast



Succynct – A minimalist App.net client for Google Chrome.  Features include: notifications when someone mentions or follows you, posting to your stream from Twitter tweet buttons, search #hashtags, and more.  Created by @abraham


It’s great to see the continued growth in complexity of the apps being built.  With each iteration we see more features and nuance to the apps.  Next up, time travel!  Well, maybe not, but that would be cool right?

Press Roundup: App.net and App.net Developers in the News

App.net and, more specifically, App.net developers have been in the news a bit recently, and here’s a quick roundup, in case you missed it.

Today, an update for Netbot is out, which includes push notifications, post search, and a few other features, and it was covered in iMore by @reneritchie, The Next Web by @panzer, and AppAdvice by @bryanmwolfe.

On Friday, @ablaze wrote about the amazing work undertaken at the hackathon in ReadWrite and @stevestreza‘s hackathon project was covered in TechCrunch.

Also, @ednapiranha wrote a detailed blog post about how and she and her collaborators created the App.net web app NoodleApp.

Got anything for future posts? If you’re in the news or write a blog post, be sure to let @ben and @orian know.

New mobile apps for ADN

It’s about time we do another round up of mobile App.net applications that hit app stores recently. You can find most of these apps on the App.net Directory.  As always, the app descriptions are created by the developers with some slight edits for formatting and spacing.  Enjoy!


Native mobile ADN clients


Yawpfor iPhone – A not-very-serious iPhone client for App.net!  Yawp features: a unified timeline, auto-completion of usernames, image uploading, native and quoted reposting, post drafts, annotation support, topics thread muting.  Created by @pilgrim

Spark for ADNfor iPhone – Introducing Spark, an ADN client for iPhone with style and charm.  Some features include: Star, repost and share any post, save and follow topics of interest, auto refresh of My Stream and Mentions, photo sharing and more.  Created by @ryanmclean


#PAN - for iPhone - PAN is a simple, yet fully-featured rich mobile client for App.net.  Includes media hosting for photos, video and audio via hashpan.com. Also running push notification servers and media processing for all HTML5 embeds. Created by @kosso


アオイトリ(bluebird) - for Android - アオイトリ(bluebird) is an Android client for App.net.  Some features include: photo previews, search, stars and reposts.  Also integrates with URLy for URL shortening and Draft plug-in for composing post drafts.  Created by @matsumo



ADN integrations


Drafts - for iPhone and iPad - Drafts is a different kind of note taking app. In Drafts, text comes first – open the app and get a new, blank draft. Don’t get bogged down in a timeline to tweet or post to Facebook and App.net.  Created by @agiletortoise


Watermark Mobilefor iPhone - Watermark is a searchable archive of tweets and App.net posts. It downloads tweets from everyone you are following, so you can go back and find older tweets later. And it provides a backup of all your own tweets and favorites forever.  Created by @manton


It’s been truly inspiring to see the developer community iterate on their projects and work together to create new and exciting tools for App.net.  If last weekend’s Hackathon taught us anything, it’s that the “community” mentality is strong at App.net. We will do our best to keep it that way.

App.net Covered in The Magazine

A few weeks ago, Marco Ament launched The Magazine, an iOS Newstand publication for people like us that also experiments with the paid subscription model. Needless to say, we’re fans. The second issue, released today, includes a thoughtful and well-articulated piece by Alex Knight about the current state of Twitter and why App.net is important.

Alex writes:

After closely following Dalton Caldwell’s blog posts, and his general philosophy and goals for the project, I think what he’s trying to build is what I initially always craved from a social networking service: a platform to communicate that would respect its users and development community. By building in a monetizing strategy from the start, App.net can slowly build its userbase while generating an income to pay for staff, expenses, and the continued development of the product. Call me old-fashioned, but I remember a day when you had to exchange money for a service you valued.

You can read the full piece by downloading the app (free seven-day trial), and you’ll find Marco, The Magazine, and Alex (and additional issue two writers @siracusa, @ginatrapani, @lexfri) on App.net.

Hackathon Recap


This past weekend was the first App.net Hackathon, hosted by our friends at Storify, and it was a great time. Calling it a Hackathon is perhaps a misnomer, as the weekend was less about competition and more about collaboration, connection, brainstorming, and just building interesting apps on the platform.

All in all there were some 40 attendees (plus dozens of out-of-towners tuning in remotely via ustream and Patter) with varying levels of familiarity with App.net and our API. Amidst the bbq, pizza, and Chinese food, some amazing work was done.


Here’s a recap of what was presented, but you can see a stream of all the presentations here:



Vidcast - @q, @ryantharp and @duerig built a music video deejaying service called Vidcast based off @jdscolam’s #MondayNightDanceParty. The tool lets App.net members post Youtube links which a DJ can then assemble into a show. @duerig collaborated with the team remotely in a chatroom running in Patter, an app he previously built to support realtime chat over App.net.

Pidgeonhole - @ketan and @andrewschmidt refined Pigeonhole, an app that tags starred posts, so when you view your these posts later, they’re organized. As @andrewschmidt explained, he uses starring as a way to archive posts, and this app helps you divided them up, say, by videos, links, music, and more.

apparchy @stevestreza channeled the classic hacker mentality to create apparchy, a service which lets users of Twitter for iPhone and iPad view and post messages as well as follow/unfollow users through App.net.



Explore on Rivr@tonymillion added an Explore feature to Rivr, his iPhone client for App.net, which visualizes on a map where people are posting from using the geolocation annotation.

ADN Follow Button@abraham created a simple way to add an App.net follow button to your web page with a single line of code.

ADN Blogs@jazzychad built ADN Blogs which turns App.net posts into full length blog posts. The app stores text with markdown formatting using annotations and then renders the text to display on a web site. Publishing a blog post will automatically post the headline to App.net so members know there’s something new.



Buffer photo uploads @tommoor added photo uploading and viewing support to Buffer using annotations.

Appy@a_band and @jb demoed the very early designs of a new App.net iOS client – tentatively called Appy – which displays conversations similar to iChat.


We also had a couple developers hacking remotely:




#@@davidkrauser created #@, a widget for quickly posting your current location to App.net.

Podglass@appeio built Podglass, an HTML5 podcast player with App.net discussion threads.


Thanks to all who came out or tuned in (if we missed your project, apologies, let us know and we’ll add you to the post). For those who could make it, please send @ben feedback on what worked and what could have been better. And follow these developers for updates on their projects. Here’s our full set of pictures:

(Photos at the top of the page: @andrewschmidt and @tonymillion / Heads down, serious faces / @berg and @dalton / Yari D’Areglia, @jumpzero and @xd from Storify)

Bottom gallery photos (Top row left to right: @orian and @mthurman / @q / @jazzychad / @teawithcarl / @abraham and @q)

(Bottom row left to right: @ketan and @andrewschmidt / Team ADN @berg, @andrew, @mthurman, @dalton, @mintz / @jdavid, @abraham and @tommoor /  Heads down, serious faces / @ryantharp)



App.net Directory

Since the App.net developer platform was launched a few weeks ago, we have been hearing consistent feedback regarding how it should be easier for new members to find apps when they first sign up for App.net. We agree.

Therefore we are launching the App.net Directory: an easy way for members to find completed apps built on top of the App.net API. The App.net Directory consists of a main page where you can discover apps by platform, as well as individual directory pages where you can explore and download apps directly.

Currently, there are 27 apps in the directory, and more will be added by developers over the next days and weeks. (We should also note that there are some existing App.net apps that have not been submitted by their developers for inclusion yet.) In the directory, you’ll find native mobile clients, web applications, third-party integrations, browser extensions, and more.

Thoughts/feedback on the new App.net Directory are welcome!

Note to developers: you can add your app to the directory by clicking on My Apps. Please look over the requirements before submitting your app.

More App.net apps: Web and Desktop

On this blog we’ve been regularly sharing some of the great apps being built on the App.net API.  Up until now it’s been primarily mobile apps that we’ve shared and so we thought we’d highlight a few of the web and desktop apps that have been created.  Note that the descriptions are the developers’, edited slightly for space and formatting.

Web Apps

  • QuickApp – Web based client focusing on continuous real-time updates. Created by @q
  • shrtmsg – A fully functional App.net client, shrtmsg is a mobile app targeting top of the line mobile browsers. Created by @matthew
  • backstitch – backstitch is your personal web and it’s all of your favorite websites & services working together in a beautifully consistent way. Created by @jwarzech
  • NoodleApp – App.net web client that automically renders: images, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, MixCloud, Instagr.am and Rdio.  Created by @ednapiranha
  • Appeio - A responsive App.net web client with real-time updates for computers, tablets and smartphones. Works well on iOS, Android and other devices.  Created by @hxf148

Desktop Apps (Native)

  • Appetizer – Fast and stable beta Mac client with many features. Global Feed, Personal Feed, Reposts, Replies, Conversations, Search, Mention notifications, Hiding replies, and much more. Frequently updated. Has Sparkle for in-app updates and Gatekeeper for security.  Created by @terhechte
  • Wedge – A Mac client for App.net, in beta.  Comes with all the basics: post, reply, star, repost, view followers, threads, hashtags, and more.  Full support for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.  Created by @natesm
  • TunesPost – Music sharing app for Mac. Post your currently playing songs to app.net with iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio.  Created by @jazzychad
  • MetroAppNet – An App.net client for Windows 8.  See your stream, global stream and mentions.  Post, reply and delete your posts and view user profiles.  Created by @valentiniliescu

These are just a few of the many apps available for App.net and we will do our best to let you know about all of them in due time.  For a full list of App.net apps, both in development and released, visit the GitHub directory of third party apps. We continue to be amazed by the enthusiasm of the App.net developer community and we are all excited to see what gets built next!


App.net for Publishers

What is App.net?

App.net is an ad-free social network built to support conversation, the exchange of ideas, and the development of innovative apps.  A growing number of writers, journalists, podcasters and publications are setting up accounts to post links, articles and other content to their followers here.

verge Can we grow a stronger-than-steel 'wonder material' to save the world? vrge.co/Z3pn46

Below are some tips on getting started, as well as examples and best practices.



@themagazine on App.net

Setting up an account

App.net is subscription-based, but offers a free tier that comes with more than enough functionality for most publishers.

Setting up a free account (currently by invite-only) takes a few minutes from start to finish; upload a profile and cover image, and then fill out your bio with any information or links you’d like to display.  Privacy and security preferences can be managed in Settings, where receiving any type of notification is by opt-in only.


Posting content

App.net’s web app, Alpha, is just one of the many ways to post new content and interact with readers.  Our vibrant developer ecosystem is building a growing number of new applications across every major platform.  Some notable examples include:

Kiwi Wedge Robin Felix Riposte Netbotclimber

Browse the App Directory to get an even fuller sense of what’s available.


Best practices

Below are some ways to make the most out of your account and connect with followers.

  • Make sure your profile page looks sharp and links back to your own site.
  • If you are leveraging an existing RSS feed to automatically post content, check to see how it shows up to your followers and optimize the format, interval and any other relevant attributes (it will differ by posting service – more on that below).
  • Create some personality beyond an automated feed by mixing in manual updates, interacting with other users and their posts, and asking questions of the community.
  • If your individual writers are willing, invite them to sign up for App.net under their own name.  In some cases it is easier for them to join conversations and engage with other users, and they can amplify your presence across the service by re-posting your content and/or adding commentary. e.g. -
joshuatopolsky When is Apple going to get serious about security? @tcarmody breaks it down. Hard. http://bit.ly/YkoBzP
  • checkmark Verify your account to let the community know that your App.net profile is officially associated with your main site or blog.  It’s as simple as adding an html tag or follow button to your own site, with more options on the way.  
  • Turn on two-factor authentication to add an additional layer of security to your account.
  • Invite your readers to follow you here with a special invite link that will give them access to a free-tier App.net account.  ask for more details
  • Try out different apps and use them to make posts with pictures, video, embedded links, etc.  It’s a great way to join the excitement you will find in the community about new App.net apps and the emerging ways to interact with the service.

  For example:

      • Get creative with a video using Climber and post to your followers.
      • Set up a Patter chat room and invite followers to discuss an article or topic of your choice.
      • Use Share on ADN (a browser extension) to share articles from your site or others with embedded links, e.g. -
voidfiles "In this video, put together by Sub Pop Records and directed by Tom Scharpling, Tamborello and Gibbard tell the story of a casual collaboration" — Special Delivery: The Postal Service Story [www.npr.org]


Piggybacking on your existing workflow

If you are already producing an RSS feed or posting to Tumblr, one easy way to get content flowing is to simply attach a feed or multiple feeds using one of the the third-party services below.  We can help you find the best method, and make sure that new entries display here as nicely formatted posts.  There are also a number of services that facilitiate content syndication across multiple social channels including App.net, some of which you may already use.

  • Buffer – Use Buffer to share articles, pictures and videos across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and App.net.  Scheduling of posts, analytics and the ability to collaborate with team members are just a few of the features that make this service so useful.  Learn more / @buffer on App.net
  • dlvr.it - Deliver your content precisely where it needs to go, and decide when it needs to get there using this dlvr.it.  Deep customization features include bit.ly integration, multiple App.net account support, setting the interval between posts and RSS feed routing.  Learn more / @dlvrit on App.net
  • IFTTT - A service that lets you create powerful connections between multiple services.  IFTTT recipes are totally customizable and allow you to automate certain tasks like “New RSS entries to App.net”, or “Instagram photos posted to App.net.”  View more App.net recipes / @IFTTT on App.net
  • Twitterfeed - Feed your blog or RSS into a variety of social channels including App.net, and track performance through real-time stats.  Learn more / @twitterfeed on App.net
  • WordPress – If this software powers your website or blog, you can install the Posts to ADN Plugin to automatically post new articles to your App.net account. Learn More
  • Zapier – Automate tasks such as “Post RSS Feed to App.net” and more from a selection of over 190 online services.  Learn more / @zapier on App.net

Any other tools or services you depend on that we should know about?


Who is on App.net?

A sampling of the growing number of publishers and content creators who are App.net members — see full profile pages by clicking the avatars:

quartz Despite the new White House budget, nobody knows what the deficit will be in five years http://bit.ly/14Y3CXl
arstechnica In your opinion, what app takes best advantage of touch-screen technology on your phone or tablet?
mashable This is incredible >> By pulling together thousands of photos, NASA has created incredibly detailed images of our nearest galaxies: http://on.mash.to/11BEONT
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niemanlab Getting personal: A Dutch online news platform wants you to subscribe to individual journalists http://bit.ly/10LvCcs
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theonion JCPenney CEO's Severance Package Includes 34,000 Pea Coats http://onion.com/ZkVecD
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bostonglobe Sen. Feinstein, a defender of surveillance programs, says she is open to conducting hearings about them http://b.globe.com/13w2gAs?dlvrit=1011948
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If you have any questions or would like help in getting set up, e-mail jhubball@app.net.