pricing changes

When we announced the project, our yearly pricing was an attempt to validate that a critical mass of people would financially support the existence of a service like Our stated goal for hitting a “critical mass” was 10,000 paying members. Fortunately, the market has told us “yes”, and then some.

In the 12 weeks since was announced, several important milestones have been reached:

Because of this momentum and scale, we’ve decided to introduce a couple of updates to our pricing model.

First, we are introducing a $5/month Member plan. Some folks have been asking for a monthly plan since day one, and given all of the progress that has been made in the ecosystem, we think now is a good time to introduce it.

Second, we are dropping the Member price from $50/year to $36/year. All existing members will get the benefits of the yearly price drop. Existing members will get additional months added to their plan so that they see the same pricing benefits that new yearly members get. If you are an existing member, you should have received an email from us explaining the extra time that has been added to your subscription.

This news, combined with our new Developer Incentive Program is all part of our commitment to enabling a successful, sustainable ecosystem. We fundamentally believe that 3rd-party developers will innovate faster, create better applications on more platforms, and make more users happy than any single company could. As the platform matures, and the community and app selection grows, we believe that the value and appeal of can only increase. Remember: we are just getting started.

Dalton Caldwell founder/CEO