App Update


Each week, third-party developers release more and more apps across platforms. There are nearly twenty native mobile apps and desktop clients, along with dozens of plug-ins, integrations, web tools, and more. Below is the latest roundup what’s now available for your mobile device. Note that the descriptions are the developers’, edited slightly for space and formatting.

  • DotDot accesses from your Windows phone! Browse all of your timelines and use the reply, reply all, and repost actions with selected posts. Include images from your skydrive and shorten urls with View profiles and follow or unfollow. Created by @swhitley
  • Felix is a fast and beautiful iPhone client. Feature-rich and polished to a fine sheen, Felix is here to help you get the most out of your conversations with your new friends. What’s more, it’s ready for the awesome new iPhone 5 and iPod Touch! Created by @billkunz
  • Ferret is a full-featured client for Windows 8. With Ferret, you can view multiple auto-refreshing streams at one time and rearrange your streams using drag and drop. You can have an unlimited (up to the limit of your hardware) number of streams open at one time. Created by @fwanicka
  • Rivr: Your life is more than a status update. It’s bigger. Richer. And Rivr is, too. Share your music and moods. Your travels and insights. And capture every moment, beautifully, with a quick camera and slick filters. Some moments are too good for words. They’re for Rivr—a fast and fetching experience, handcrafted for Created by @tonymillion
  • Snapp is compatible with iOS 6 and iPhone 5! Snapp is an easy to use and sleek iOS client that lets you easily interact with ADN on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Snapp allows you to read your ADN stream, view your mentions, look at profiles, view conversations, post, respond to posts, native repost and star, upload pictures, view followers and people who others follow, mark articles to read later in Instapaper and Pocket, change the font size, and more! Created by @harryslotwiner
  • Synd is an client for iPhone built to make using App.Net both productive and fun on a mobile device. All the common actions of, including stars, reposting, and post replies are right at your fingertips by swiping on a post. You can click links, hashtags, and users directly in the timeline to make browsing even faster. Created by @ryanworl

We are thrilled with the number and, most importantly, the quality of apps our community is building. Looking forward to what else you’ve got in store.