Web apps! Get your Web apps!

We’ve got a few more web apps to share with you all. It’s getting hard to keep track of all the tools being built on App.net, good thing we have the App.net Directory!  Note: the app descriptions are from the developers of those apps; edited slightly for space and formatting.

ARush - ARush is a #hashtag filterable post wall – fork the project and add things you’d like to see!  Created by @boerni




Patter- Patter allows you to create and join public chat rooms on app.net. It is similar to IRC or instant messaging. Create a room and then invite other users by sharing the URL.  Created by @duerig



Tagboard - Tagboard is like a hub for hashtags. Search social media across various networks — App.net included!  Created by @sperte



TreeView - TreeView displays threads from App.net in a tree, rather than the flat view used by clients and on Alpha. This makes it easier to follow a thread that has multiple people.  Created by @simon_w



Osusume! ADN - Osusume! ADN is a web service which recommends ADN users based on who you follow. Created by @akr



Firepost –  Firepost enables you to quickly and easily: make quick postings from within Firefox AwesomeBar, share postings from other users, receive notifications when you’re mentioned and more.  Created by @appcoast



Succynct – A minimalist App.net client for Google Chrome.  Features include: notifications when someone mentions or follows you, posting to your stream from Twitter tweet buttons, search #hashtags, and more.  Created by @abraham


It’s great to see the continued growth in complexity of the apps being built.  With each iteration we see more features and nuance to the apps.  Next up, time travel!  Well, maybe not, but that would be cool right?