Follow on Button and Sharing

For obvious reasons, we like widgets and tools that make interacting with service and the community easier, apps that bring people in and keep the conversation flowing. It’s exciting when developers build simple ways for us to experience Here are two recent projects.


Follow on Button

Follow @ADN on

At the Hackathon, @abraham worked on an easy way to add a follow button to your web page. The widget is quite simple, as you can tell (note, you’ll have to authorize the app). He outlined on Github just how easy it is to implement, and we’d sure like to see a lot more of these around. So, get to it.


Share on Adn

Additionally, our very own @voidfiles (during his spare time) wanted to create a tool to make it as easy as possible to share interesting links with other people who might find them interesting too. And, so, Share on Adn was born. All you have to do is add the button to your bookmarks, find cool links, (authorize), share, repeat.