The #MondayNightDanceParty Phenomenon

We’re constantly amazed by how you all use and think about We’ve seen steady growth in our Directory, featuring apps that showcase great software across platforms, functionality, and design; and each week there are new and interesting happenings on the platform.

One of the most inspiring developments is the member-started, member-curated #MondayNightDanceParty that goes down (off?) every week at 8:30 pm central time.

The concept is simple: it’s a way for members to collectively listen to and watch music videos, while simultaneously chatting with each other. Think of it as our very own MTV, powered by the message bus. It combines a lot of interesting elements: a creative use of our API, collaboration, member participation, integrations, and a whole lot of music.

@jdscolam started #MondayNightDanceParty “because it was a crappy, burned out Monday night, and I wanted something to pep me up…It’s been a crazy rocket-ship of awesome ever since.”

The Basics

The video cast is streamed on this dedicated Play page, and to submit a song, all you have to do is share youtube links using the hashtag MondayNightDanceParty. Each week between 40-45 songs get played, so choose your selections wisely.

To get the full experience, you should load up ChatView (join the MondayNightDanceParty hashtag) or participate in the Patter room, which both offer new interfaces for talking to other users.

Each #MondayNightDanceParty is archived, and you can even listen to past parties in through Tomahawk.

If you didn’t get all that, there’s a handy instructions page, illustrated by @jeschoulmsan, which features a handy countdown in case you’ve lost track of time.

The music is streamed by @jdscolam and the links and playlist are maintained by @33mhz. At the Hackathon, @q, @duerig, and @ryantharp worked on developing a customized client that combined the streaming, chatting, and rocking, and that may see its debut tonight.

Last week’s #MondayNightDanceParty, understandably, was Halloween themed, and this week’s will be a return its organic roots: whatever you’re in the mood for.