Apps: a variety pack

We have more apps of all sorts to share with you.  There are some mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, browser extensions and an app that covers all of those categories.  It’s getting hard to keep up!  Note: the descriptions provided are provided by the developers; edited slightly for formatting reasons.


Streamified - for Mac, Web, Android, FF Extension, Chrome Extension Manage all your social networks, blogs and news feeds from one spot – including! Streamified allows you to post, read and interact with many networks at once.  Created by @streamified


Chatview - for Web - Chatview is designed to find people looking to connect with other users. The Global stream is the complete feed of everything on ADN. This ChatView format makes it easier to start and continue conversations on ADN. It provides a realtime chat-style (IRC-like) interface w/webkit notifications. Created by @ryantharp


Dot Notifications - for Mac - Hi! I’m a great little tool to help you get notified when someone mentions you on, or when something new in in your stream.  Made for Notification Center.  Created by @nerd



Snabb - for Mac - Start posting to in just a second!  Snabb* is so little you won’t even notice it’s there. It allows you to quickly post a message to  Bring up the input field with just a touch on the keyboard, type your message and BOOM! *Snabb is Swedish for Quick.  Created by @fousa



Nymphicus - for Windows - Nymphicus for Windows is a multi protocol social media client (currently, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader) which is based on the idea to display all posts in one single timeline window which can be any combination of all your accounts in one list view.  Created by @lighun



Watercoolerfor iOS - Watercooler is an and Twitter social network client app for iPhone and iPod touch. Keep track of multiple accounts from both services all in one place with a UI designed to fit in with iOS.  Created by @tgaul


Gravity - for Symbian -  Gravity is the social networking client for your Symbian smartphone. Established in early 2009 and continually updated for you.  Gravity supports all your favorite services like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Google Reader and many, many more.  Created by @janole


The list of apps continues to grow and we will do our best to keep you all in the loop.  If we missed one in this post, we’ll get it in the next.   For a more complete list visit the Directory.  We hope to have a new batch of great apps to share with you next week.