Seven Questions for Developers: @nerd

Here’s the latest in our series Seven Questions for Developers on Each week we’ll ask a different developer the same set of questions to learn a bit more about the people behind the apps that are helping make the platform great. The goal of the series is to foster conversations and connections, encouraging collaboration and new ways of thinking about what’s happening on

Our third developer is @nerd, who is 14 years old and lives in Connecticut. He’s the founder and CEO of Bread and Butter Software.

Tell us about your app. What are you looking to accomplish with it?
Dot Notifications is a Mac app that notifies you when you have been mentioned on I would like to expand it to take more advantage of the ADN API for things like posting and new follower notifications (which was suggested by @dalton).


What qualities make a great app?

Simplicity, and great design. I have found that sticking to these two standards lead to really great apps because, if things are streamlined and not complex, people will go back for more and have a pleasant experience the entire time.


What tools are important to you as a developer?

I’m mainly a Mac app developer, and sometimes I do iOS apps. Xcode is, of course, where I code my apps. Reeder with an RSS feed subscription to 9to5Mac is also really helpful, as I can plan ahead. For example, I was able to get Scrawl’s interface images ready for the MacBook Pro with Retina display before it even came out. BBEdit, Photoshop CS6, Skala Preview, and Slicy are also key apps in my workflow.


Why did you decide to build something on
I figured it would be a neat side project to see what I could do with the API.


What got you started writing code?

I have been using a Mac since I was 3, so that is part of it, but have always really enjoyed tweaking apps to fit my own needs. Over time, that turned into writing my own applications.


Any advice for aspiring developers (all the young coders out there)?

While I am young myself, my advice would be this: If you want to build the next great thing, then find a need and find something that you yourself would want to use each and every day. Pour your heart into your creation and think about what you would want out of an app. Always keep learning new things, keep reading, and have fun doing it.


When you’re not coding you’re…

Studying for school, reading, talking with my siblings or parents, discussing politics, and brainstorming.


If you’re interested in participating in this series, get in touch with @ben