The #Bookclub

We like to keep an eye out for examples of the creativity, depth, and strength of the community. That’s partly why we like #MondayNightDanceParty so much and why we’re excited about’s very own #Bookclub, which has crystalized over the last few days.

The idea is familiar: participants in the #Bookclub will choose one book a month to read and discuss it on on the last Saturday of the month. @icy got things rolling and suggested the #bookclub start with Christopher Beuhlman’s wonderfully eerie novel Those Across the River. The discussion is scheduled for Saturday, December 29. To participate, just read the book and be ready on the 29th to share a few thoughts.

@shawnthroop put together a few pages and hashtags to keep track of it all:

#bookclub where you can learn about the current month’s  selection.

#bookclubsuggestion - where you can recommend a book for future months.

#bookclubvote where you can vote on the next month’s choice.

There are still details to be worked out, so monitor those hashtags for updates.