Podcast: Episode 2

Each week, @dalton will recap the latest developments, API rollouts, new features, updates to the product roadmap, and take user questions. Future podcasts will include guests and interviews.

This week Dalton talks about private messaging: background, current business model and the upcoming release of private messaging on

1:00 Private messaging background
4:22 Private messaging business model
7:30 private messaging / how it will work
9:10 App ideas that use private messaging, what should developers build?
21:38 App ideas summary / looking forward
24:20 User questions

Thanks to @jesriera, @uli, @johnbrayton, @jmergy, @sel, @itskyleadams, @rrbrambley and @kosso for submitting questions.

If you have suggestions for the podcast, ideas for the format, or guests you’d like to hear from, post your thoughts to @ADN@ben, or @dalton.

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