Weekly RecApp

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we’ll all be in some phase of a food coma over the coming weekend so we’d better get our weekly recApp out before the tryptophan sets in.  This week brings you a little bit of everything to feast on; a cornucopia of choices, if you will.  Ok, enough Thanksgiving cliches.



Nettelator - for iPhone - Nettelator is a best-of-breed App.Net client that has been obsessively crafted from the ground up for the iPhone.  Features include: Timeline (feed) photos & photo galleries, add photos & location to a post, website previews, global search and more.  Created by @twittelator


Molome -  for Android - MOLOME™ is a cross-platform photo sharing social network for (Android) smartphone users worldwide. It is free and it will always be free for everyone to use.  Created by @hlpth





img.ly - for the Web - img.ly is a social photo sharing community. You can login with your App.net account and share your photos right away.  Created by @sippndipp



Flamingow - for the Web -  Flamingow is a web application that helps any social media user to engage their network of friends more effectively, by organizing and enriching their conversations online. Created by @flamingow



Treefor the Web- Tree is a vizualization tool for App.net. It provides a way to compare multiple users with their followers and get a cool graphic of it.  Created by @rp





Briofor Linux - Brio – CLI power tools for appdotnet.  Interact with appdotnet from your command line! Mac, Linux.  Created by @tanja



Texapp -  for Linux - Command-line interface for Texapp in pure Perl – runs and tested on Linux, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, Cygwin* and most places Perl runs. Interactive client mode for chatting, or use it as a posting tool and scriptable “Swiss army knife” from your shell. Based on TTYtter.  Created by @doctorlinguist



For those of you in (or from) the U.S., have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  For everyone else, Happy Thursday!

Note: The app descriptions above are provided by the developers; edited slightly for formatting reasons.