This Week’s RecApp

Hello everyone, it’s time for another RecApp.  There are a few new mobile clients but we’re also starting to see some diversion into new areas of app development.  There is an app to share what music you’re listening to, apps to share photos on, a way to get a peek into the API without having a Developer account and more. Enjoy! - for automatically builds playlists to suit any mood, at the touch of a button.  Simply pick a mood, and will build a playlist for you, using the music that you love. integration enables publishing of songs and playlists to your stream.  Created by @vinnycoyne


hAppy - for iPhonehAppy is another client designed to be fast, easy to use, highly accessible and nice to look at. It supports the core features of like unified stream, nice profile page, follow, mute, hashtag/user search, post/repost, star and conversations.  Created by @dasdom


Twiggy - for iPhoneTwiggy is a simple to use, clean and beautiful mobile client for  Created by @tapmates



Project Llama - for the webUser-based tagging and categorization project. Users can use this app to suggest new tags and endorse others’ suggestions.  Created by @ryantharp



Mobypicture Desktop App(s) - for Mac, Windows and Linux - Mobypicture allows you to post photos, video and audio directly from the Mobypicture desktop apps to your account.  Also available as a web app.  Created by @mathys API Console - for the webThis website gives you the developer an easy interface to the API. Connect using your AppNet account (you don’t need a developer account). After connecting you can use the console to try API queries and see the result in both JSON and rendered views.  Created by @ludolphus


SupportApp - for the webEasy integrated feedback for ADN client developers – just add a dialog that posts a reply with an annotation. Receive feedback in your Mentions stream, reply from your usual client to comment. Easily see which suggestions are the most popular (votes = reposts). Created by @myfreeweb



We will continue to keep you all updated on new apps but you can always browse the Directory yourself to see the bounty of tools built by the community.

Note: The app descriptions are provided by the developers; edited slightly for length and format.