V2: An easier way for your friends to try out App.net

appdotnet-invitesWe are proud to release the second phase of our invitations experiment. The major change in this phase is that we have removed the credit card requirement from the invitation process.

The latest revision of our invitation system works as follows:

  • App.net members on a yearly plan have access to a small number of invitations.
  • These invitations can be used by App.net members to invite specific friends they think would appreciate a one-month trial period of the service.
  • The recipient of the invitation will be able to click through a link contained within an email and create an account.
  • During the signup process, the invitee will be asked to select a plan but NO credit card information will be required.
  • When invitees sign up for an account after clicking on an invite, they will automatically follow the person that invited them, and vice versa.
  • At the end of the trial period, we will send invitees an email asking them to enter their credit card information if they wish to continue their membership.
  • If invitees do not enter credit card information after their free trial, they will have a 60-day grace period to sign up and/or download their data. After that period, their data will be deleted and their usernames will be released.

If you are an App.net user on a yearly plan, click here to see how many invites are currently available to you. Note that if you have sent out invitations that are unclaimed, the invitee will see the latest version of the signup process.

As we monitor the program’s performance, we’ll continue to keep the number of available invites small. We are doing our best to make constant iterative improvements, and will continue learn and make additional changes to the invitation flow in the near future.

As always, we want your feedback. Send comments to @ADN.