Podcast Episode 5

This week @Dalton discusses the latest version of our invitations program, Paypal integration, stream marker support in Alpha, Omega and private messages, #ADNSecretSanta, and this week’s Instagram news. As always, member questions are answered at the end.

  • 0:35 Latest iteration of inviting your friends to
  • 5:25 Paypal integration
  • 7:00 Stream marker support in Alpha
  • 9:45 Omega and private messages update
  • 11:25 #ADNsecretsanta
  • 13:45 Instragram TOS changes
  • 17:45 The siloing of social platforms
  • 20:00 Member questions

Thanks to @failgunner, @cdevroe, @timpritlove, @hwit, @max, @mlv, @dipead, @mrbeefy, @marsch, @paulkruczynski

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