This Week’s RecApp

Now that the dust from the holidays has settled we have another recApp for you all.  These are some of the more recent apps that have been added to the Directory.  There are a few new clients and some cool integrations to existing services.

ZephyrZephyrfor iPhone & iPad Fast. Powerful. Clean. Zephyr is an client for iOS.  Post, star, and reply to threads through an intuitive interface and enjoy with lightning speed.  Created by @enderlabs



maripostaMariposta integrations - Connect with to show your latest posts on your Mariposta profile.  Mariposta is Web Publishing for Mere Mortals. It gives you all the tools you need to create amazing publications specially formatted for the iPad.  Created by @jaredcwhite


Mr. ReaderMr. Readerfor iPadMr. Reader is a RSS news reader for your iPad that synchronizes with your Google Reader account. Manage your subscriptions directly in the App and share articles with multiple services like  Created by @curioustimes


track 8Track 8 - for iPhoneTrack 8 brings the Metro experience to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Browse and play your music in an immersive visual experience of album artwork and artist images.  Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Day One.  Created by @enderlabs


ChapperChapperfor Windows - Chapper is a small client designed to be focused on the main things and having to not need stuff.  It is the little brother of Nymphicus for Windows and shares much code, ideas and know how with it.  Created by @lighun


RobinRobin for Android Robin is your brand-new interactive and feature packed client for  Features include: Multiple account support, view inline images in your stream, posting images and locations, native tablet support and much more.  Created by @scruffyfox and @simpleline


tweeterTweeterChrome ExtensionThis extension quietly slips posts into your Twitter stream, for those of us who are still kicking the habit.  Created @ptrwtts



That’s it for this recApp.  We hope to have more awesome apps to share with you all next time.

Note:  The app descriptions are provided by the developers; edited slightly for formatting and length