Continuing the great tradition of App.net discussions and member-originated clubs and interest groups, the second #ADNComicClub is fast approaching, this Saturday, January 26. There’s still time to secure and devour this month’s selection, Maus Volume 1 by Art Spiegelman.

The club works as you’d expect. Participants read the current month’s selection and then log in to App.net on discussion day to share thoughts and reactions using the #ADNComicsClub hashtag. @Justine got things started – with help from @mina, among others – and serves as the de facto leader and wrangler.

The inaugural selection was Batman: The Long Halloween, and you can read a transcript of the event here. This month, the discussion will utilize @duerig‘s group chat application Patter.

For a teaser, check out #bookbytes podcast, hosted by @saket@justine, and @sneagan, for an early discussion on Maus 1. The podcast series tackles the month’s comics selection as well as the #ADNbookclub pick (update: this month’s book club is Cloud Atlas, and the commentary will take place this Friday, February 15).

It’s not too late to vote on your preferred #ADNcomicsclub meet-up time:

justine Hey #adncomicsclub! Leave me your discussion questions and vote for your preferred meeting time here: http://d.pr/8ZqG

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