Podcast Episode 7

This week @dalton is joined by @berg to discuss the new File API, its significance, potential use cases, and the promise of an unbundled service. As always, listener questions are answered at the end.

  • 0:30 File API Announcement
  • 2:40 The promise of an unbundled service
  • 7:00 Member storage allotment of 10 GB
  • 8:30 “Glue” use case
  • 11:30 Omega file uploading coming
  • 12:25 Press around the files API
  • 14:10 Who owns your social graph?
  • 19:40 What is Patter? (The developer Patter room is here.)
  • 23:35 Questions

Thanks to @duerig, @po, @mlv, @phoneboy, @the_reigns, @yetzt for the questions.


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Also, the Vonage commercial @berg references: