This Week’s RecApp

It’s time again for another recApp of what’s new in the Directory.  Some sharp looking iOS clients, one for Mac and nifty little polling app.  It’s great to see the continued innovation from our developer community.  Keep up the great work!


RiposteRiposte - for iPhone - Riposte…is designed specifically for, with native support for Stream Marker, Interactions, and more.  The optional full-screen view hides the main navigation bar, making more room to see those lengthy 256-character posts.  Created by @jaredsinclair & @jaminguy



QuestionQuestion - integration - Question App.Net is a question poll service. You write your question and users can vote on up to ten options you create.  Created by @misterpoppet




RaptorRaptor for iPhoneRaptor is a unique, easy to use, fast and free iOS client for  The app contains many features that make browsing on the iPhone a great experience.  Created by @domness




PikaPika for iPhonePika is a full-featured client for iPhone with a unique approach to interface: minimize navigation while you’re browsing, all you see are posts. Scroll up a bit and the navigation pops back into view.  Created by @phil




moapp#moApp - for Mac - moApp is a cute and sophisticated AppDotNet client. It’s already very stable and almost feature complete and polished. It offers Notifications, Global Hotkey, Gestures, Favorites (Stars), Disabling of the Dock icon and lots more…  Created @moapp



If this were the Mickey Mouse Club, it would be time for everyone to sing that sad goodbye song.  It’s not the MMC and we don’t have a sad goodbye song but you get the idea right?  Until next time…