How do you use’s 256?

For many, one of’s defining features is our 256-character limit per post. Many members say the 256 lends itself to more thoughtful posts, which in turn leads to more in-depth discussions.

We’ve already seen how this shapes the community’s use of the service. Take @imyke, host of the podcast CMD+Space, among others, on the 70Decibels network, who regularly takes to to seek out listener feedback.


imyke What are your thoughts on ads being dropped in to a show post-recording?

How do you feel when you hear these as opposed to ads that are read/performed live in the recording?

Can you hear the difference?


imyke Nerds:

So, new show idea. Limited run topics on a fixed show. For example, 6 episodes about Comics, 10 episodes about top movies of all time, etc.

Specialist guests.

Working title: Limited Edition.


(Don't steal it..)

On Bionic, @imyke‘s podcast with @mattalexander, he explained, “If I want feedback from the listeners, and I want good feedback…If I want people’s thoughts and ideas, is where I go.”

@imyke went on to say, “I got so many responses–great responses.”

So, how do you use’s 256? How does that shape your experience? Join the conversation by attaching the hashtag #256 to your posts. We may even post some of the most interesting responses right here on the blog.