What is NoodleApp?

App.net is a social network and a platform for applications – a network of independently developed apps – that members can choose between. Depending on your preferred method of connecting to App.net, there is an app for you. This series will showcase the variety of apps you can use.

NoodleApp is a web-based App.net application which automatically embeds media, making for a more visual experience.

@ednapiranha, who makes NoodleApp (along with other contributors, as it’s an open source project), said its web experience “caters to an audience that prefers minimalism, simplicity, and generally enjoys a media-centric experience.”



Part of what makes App.net unique is the versatility of the service: the more than 100 apps, clients, and integrations (that span platforms and functionality) members have the option of using.

For many App.net members, Alpha stands as the main (and often only) web app they interact with. Alpha was launched as a proof of concept during our crowd-funding campaign back in July to show the world what was possible with our API.

Today, there are twelve different web applications, including NoodleApp, which all offer a different feature set.

NoodleApp supports private messages, displays your interactions (who starred or reposted your post, etc.), and supports markdown for making links with custom text, for those used to that. Learn more about @ednapiranha’s approach in our Seven Questions with Developers series.


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