This Week’s RecApp

A few more apps have hit the Directory so we figured that we ought to let you all know.  A new Android client, a couple new Mac apps, a new (retro-looking) web client, a way to manage your storage and a cross-platform, link sharing integration round out this week’s recApp.


driftDriftfor Android - Drift is a client for It comes with a carefully designed UI, clean yet delightful.  Features include: Interactive timeline, image sharing using storage, drafts and an emphasis on single-handed use.  Created by @kawa




Kiwi for Mac -  Kiwi is a full featured client in a super simple package built just for Mac OS X. Kiwi packs in all the best features of, like private messages, and inline images into a clean, simple, and easy to use app.  Created by @kiwi



sailSail for Mac for MacSail is a distraction free way to quickly post to and the best way to save your posts for later. Sail doesn’t display your stream or mentions, just a single simple window for posts.  Created by @smileykeith



cradncradn for the meets the old Windows Hot Dog Stand theme. Ugly on purpose.  Created by @fam




ADN File ManagerADN File Manager for the webThis website helps you manage your files on It shows a paginated view of all files in your personal 10GB file store.  Upload, preview and delete files.  Created by @ludolphus



UndripUndripfor iPhone and iPadUndrip is the best way to discover and consume the links that your friends are sharing. No status updates — just cool content being shared. Some of us like to skip straight to dessert.  Created by @mick



With well over 100 apps in the Directory, it’s hard to keep up with the innovation on so we do our best to let you know when there are new things to check out.  Add the Blog to your RSS feed to stay on top of what’s new on ADN!

That’s it until next time.

Note: The app descriptions are provided by the developers; edited slightly for formatting and length.