Hackathon Recap


This past Saturday was the 2nd #adnhackathon, and some fifty developers, community members, journalists, and the simply curious got together to hack on and talk Needless to say, it was a special day for Thanks to all those who came out (many collaborators were meeting for the first time), tuned into ustream, followed the hashtag, or otherwise participated.

The energy, the creativity, the passion, the spirit – it was all thrilling and humbling. There were a range of projects worked on, including an analytics tool, various integrations, new ways to view streams, and updates to existing apps.

Some of these projects are available for you to use now, while others you’ll (hopefully!) be able to use in the coming weeks.

Below is a list of what was presented, and you can watch ustream to see a recording of the demo.


Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 11.15.47 AM

Weft by @duerig

@duerig presented a project called Weft, which allows you to view your stream spatially, instead of the standard thread view. You can use arrow keys to navigate your stream to view conversations, so you can track replies in new and interesting ways.

@ryantharp built an gateway, AppBox, allowing users to receive mentions directly in their favorite email client. Learn more.

@samuelclay implemented native integration with Newsblur‘s web, iPhone, and iPad applications. You can now find the people you follow on on NewsBlur (as long as they have an NewsBlur account). You can also share links from NewsBlur to

@joshjones created Netwall, which displays a feed in a billboard style on your iPad. For example, you can live stream global (or, soon, your own stream, hashtag, and more) and get a look at what’s happening. Read his blog post about it.



Heartbeat @haxor and @tilgovi

@haxor and @tilgovi developed heartbeat, which is a time-series monitor, allowing you to graph data series over time, using Channels as a backend to store the data. This allows you, for example, to see how many visitors a particular web page receives over time, like you’re checking its pulse.

@rrbrambley and @derelk – created a video sharing tool for using the File API. Here’s the video they took to demo.

@abraham upgraded his Succynct Chrome extension with more robust interactions notifications, including starring and reposting. He also demoed hashtag notifications (coming soon), so you can get notifications whenever a hashtag is used in a post.

@isaiah and @joeworkman added some additional functionality to Kiwi. They created a Safari extension for Kiwi to create posts for sharing the current web page or a selection of text or images. They also made it easier to share images and text from your hard drive directly to Kiwi. While they were at it, they created an Alfred extension, and a dropzone extension is coming soon.



Amy by @stevestreza

Amy by @stevestreza

@stevestreza unveiled Amy, which integrates private messages – including file sharing – into Messages for Mac, included in all machines running Mountain Lion. The integration includes Patter rooms. He wrote a blog post about it, including instructions for download and setup.

@barmstrong created two projects. The first, Checkin ADN, is a check-in app to broadcast your location. The second, Salsola, applies customizable Tumblr themes to an stream.


Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 12.20.25 PM

Comics-inspired communication by @andrewhaskin, @billkunz, and @nelsonhornstein

@billkunz and @nelsonhornstein worked on a prototype of @andrewhaskin‘s master’s thesis project. They are creating new way to interact and communicate, inspired by comics. @andrewhaskin wrote up a blog post that details more.

@jaminguy and @jaredsinclair continued work on their app Riposte, adding support for private messages

@kolin — added photo support to Stream. Coming soon will be a map view to see where in the world posts are being created.

@mthurman forked @abraham‘s Chrome extension Succynct to enable keeping track of which posts you’ve already seen. When opening conversations in new tabs, posts which have already been seen are faded out.

@voidfiles also forked Succynct and added support for sharing text, links and images from the context menu. Here’s the post he made from Succynct during his demo.

@jmathai added File API support to TroveBox (formerly OpenPhoto) enabling you to see your photos hosted on as an album as well as post pictures to through TroveBox.




And the event in photos:

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