Lend us your ears: @dalton on The New Disruptors and CMD+SPACE podcasts

Update: since publishing, @ttscoff interviewed @dalton on Systematic as did @zeldman on The Big Web Show.


systematic Systematic Episode 36 with @dalton is up now! http://5by5.tv/systematic/36


zeldman ✩ I never "got" App.net 'til I interviewed its CEO/co-founder today. In Big Web Show No. 84, App.net's Dalton Caldwell makes his case. http://cog.gd/4xophotos.app.net/3621333/1


We love podcasts, and recently @dalton has been a guest on two of our favorites.

Today, @glennf interviews @dalton on the latest @newdisruptors. They cover a lot of ground: the App.net backstory, the current app ecosystem, the free tier launch and everything in between.


newdisruptors Episode #13: No-Host Bar Dot Net with @dalton, the head of this very service, App.net. http://www.muleradio.net/newdisruptors/13/ We talk about the disruption of a neutral host that doesn't discriminate against developers, freemium models, and much more.


For even more insight into our decision to release an invite-only free tier  – and to what’s coming down the road – check out @dalton (and Felix’s @billkunz) on last week’s CMD+SPACE.


imyke I was joined by @dalton and @billkunz for a very special @adn edition of CMD+SPACE this week!

Go check it out!