This Week’s RecApp

It’s been a busy week and we’ve got more apps to share with you all.  It’s a bigger batch than usual so you’ve got your work cut out for you if you’re gonna try them all, but we think you’re up to the task.  There are a few apps that are products of last weekend’s Hackathon and there are some cool integrations with services you’re already familiar with.


AmyAmyfor messaging is now at home on the Mac. Amy integrates private messages, group chats, and Patter rooms into Messages for Mac. See the people you follow in your buddy list. Send and receive messages.  Created by @stevestreza



AppBoxAppBox - Integrations - View your messsages, posts and channels in your favorite email program.  Created by @ryantharp




CheckinCheckin ADNfor the Web - Checkin ADN helps you share your favorite places on using ADN’s Places API and checkin annotation. Once you authorize Checkin ADN and allow location services, you can write the post text, search for the place you want to check into, add a photo, and check in. Works great on your desktop or on your phone.  Created by @barmstrong



BlimBLI.MS - Posting ServiceBLI.MS is a full multimedia processing service for developers of client to integrate photos, video AND audio sharing in their apps. BLI.MS powers the multimedia behind #PAN, Rivr, Dash and Robin and more…  Created by @kosso



BlimshotBLIMSHOT - Browser Extension - BLIMSHOT is an extension for users of to easily create and share links as ‘visual bookmarks’ using screenshots of almost any web page. A demo screencast can be seen here.  Created by @kosso - Integrations - is a free service that provides push notifications from to your iOS, Android, or email client.  Full control over notifications allows you to selectively enable or disable a wide range of notifications, allowing you to fine tune the data you receive.  Created by @ravisorg



tagpadTagPadPosting Services - is a social bookmarking site integrated with  Save, tag and share your favorite bookmarks on!  Sign in with your id. When you save a link it will be shared on your stream (with hashtags) helping you to connect with others who share similar interests.  Created by @tagpad




jSquare Posting ServicesWith jSquare you can have all your check-ins posted to almost exactly like the old foursquare®. Login with foursquare®, add your account and you’re all set! All future check-ins will be sent to your connected accounts, the way they should be. It’s simple as that.  Created by @jota


extended shareExtended Share for G+ - Browser ExtensionsGoogle+ doesn’t have a way to share outside that network. With this extension, you can easily share any content to  This extension will add a link “Share on …” to each post.  Created by @mohamedmansour - Search & displays a user’s best posts. You can see who has starred and reposted your own posts, and you can also see the best posts from others on Created by @wjl




Kudos if you made it to the bottom of the post.  You get a gold star!  Well that’s it for this week’s recApp.  See you next time. -ADN Team

Note: the descriptions provided here are from the developers. Edited slightly for length and format.