Podcast Episode 8

This week on the Podcast @dalton talked about, well, podcasts.  He also catches you all up on what’s been happening at since our last podcast: the free tier, moderation controls, account security, Google Reader and the upcoming roadmap.

  • 0:20     State of the Podcast – Dalton’s been doing other podcasts (see links below)
  • 3:20     What’s been happening at – free tier
  • 5:50     Solving the chicken and egg problem – Out-of-the-box experience
  • 9:45     Verified accounts
  • 15:25   Moderation controls – Report, muting bugs, blocking
  • 16:35   Two-factor authentication and Application-specific passwords 
  • 20:05   New apps for ADN - see links below
  • 25:05   Free app ideas – Dalton’s suggestions for what should/could be built for ADN
  • 30:35   Google ReaderHow could be helpful to the next big RSS readers.
  • 33:50 roadmap – an iOS app to manage your account
  • 40:00   Recap – Develop.  Release.  Learn.  Repeat



Links to the podcasts that Dalton has been a guest on in recent weeks:

  1. New Disrupters
  3. Big Web Show
  4. Sytematic

New noteworthy apps on ADN:

We had a lot to cover this week so there were no user questions.  We’ll get to them in the next episode.

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