This Week’s RecApp

We have some good variety for you this week.  A few fun, creative new apps to change up your normal posting routine, some apps to help with your file storage management and a couple apps that are intended to make life easier for developers. Enjoy!


appchiveAppchivefor MacAppchive is a status bar Mac app that allows you to upload files using the ADN Files API and share a link so other can download it. It is currently in beta (still has some bugs), but it is usable and it works.  Created by @ji



climberClimber - for iPhoneClimber is the fun and easy way to record and share videos with your friends on Record videos up to 11 seconds, tag your location, and post the video to your account with a caption.  Videos are stored in your file storage.  Created by @alwaysallthetime



Noddler - for iPhoneNoddler - Enough said. Let actions speak with Noddler! Slap your friends in the face or pat them on the back. Hold your girlfriend’s hand or shoot her to the moon. Choose a contact, set an action and shake your iPhone. Your friend hears and sees instantly what you are doing to them via push notification.  Created by @noddler



filebaseFileBasefor Mac - FileBase is an file manager for OS X. Use it to access your entire file storage area; download pictures or videos created by other apps, upload files for sharing, or just store your documents on Currently in beta. Requires OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.  Created by @peteburtis



blimsketchBLIMSKETCH Web client - BLIMSKETCH is a simple and fun web doodle pad! Unleash your inner artist and share your creations on  Powered by, all your creations will be viewable on your user page.  Created by @kosso



quickradarQuickRadarfor MacFor iOS/Mac developers, QuickRadar lets you post bug reports to Apple, and optionally to OpenRadar. It can then send links to your bug report to and Twitter.  Created by @amy




DAVAppnetDAV - IntegrationsSimple WebDAV proxy for file storage.
Supports downloads, (small) uploads, renames and deletes.
Works great with TransmitForkLift and Readdle Documents.  Created by @myfreeweb



That’s about it for this week’s recApp.  To see all of the wonderful apps built for visit our Directory and find what works best for you.

Note: The app descriptions provided here are the developers’; edited slightly for formatting and length.