Podcast Episode 9

This week on the Podcast @berg joins @dalton to talk about all things  They cover topics like verified accounts, new apps, state of ADN’s growth, and the future vision for the service.  The podcast closes with questions from users.

  • 0:40     Verified accounts
  • 3:20     Two-factor authentication/App-specific passwords
  • 4:45     New ADN apps / in depth discussion on the file API from @berg
  • 14:10   State of growth – invites, outward growth from power users
  • 18:00   SMS verification for free/open sign up
  • 22:50   Future vision / philosophy
  • 29:20   The killer app – what’s going to drive massive traffic / Patter for iOS
  • 35:20   User questions -


Thanks to @chrisbirdsall, @myfreeweb, @cgiffard, @simon_w, @stevestreza, @nio, @button, @produtividades, @bryanjclark, @shawndrape& @avatarx for submitting user questions



New noteworthy apps on ADN:


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