This Week’s RecApp

It’s time again for another recApp of the latest apps to hit the Directory.  Some interesting stuff in this batch: the 2nd Windows Phone client, an command line tool for Mac and a web app for the stats-loving folks out there; just to name a few.  Now have at it!


ChimpChimp - for iPhoneChimp is an iOS client for ADN. It runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Supports (multiple) image and video in posts upload to your ADN File Storage. The accompanying website is used to give you an overview of media created with Chimp. @ludolphus



KirbyKirby - for Windows Phone - Kirby is a Windows Phone client for Kirby has a clean user interface, makes efficient use of your bandwidth and will intelligently load posts in the background. The current version of Kirby has the basics of covered. Created by @griff



WryWry - for Mac - Wry is a command-line tool for Mac OS X 10.7+. With Wry, you can interact with your stream, send posts, follow users, et al — all through the power of the command line. Send a quick post. Find a user. Grab a glance of the global stream.  Created by @hoop33



AlphredAlphred for Alfred 2 for MacAlphred is a distraction-free Alfred 2 posting workflow, so you can just post your thoughts to without launching any apps, and while running any other application. Simply type “adn” followed by your post.  Created by @mina



SpinnakerSpinnaker - for WindowsA client to easily post anytime out of your Windows installation by simply pressing a shortcut (ctrl-shift-p). It support multiple clients, username completion and image upload. It usually lives in the system tray as an icon. Spinnaker is Open Source (BSD license).  Created by @lighun



AppneticusAppneticus for the WebAppneticus is a service that provides statistical data about Appneticus tries to be as complete as possible when it comes to data analysis and provides data about activity on users, apps, hashtags, and more…  Created by @adrianus



vidcastVidcast - for the Web - Vidcast lets you watch online videos and chat with your friends over Viewers can request YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud links and the DJ organizes the requests into a playlist that everybody watches simultaneously.  Created by @duerig, @ryantharp & @q



We also wrote about the new apps Patter for iOS and Orbit in recent blog posts so check those out too!  That’s it for this recApp, until next time…