What is Sprinter?

sprinterApp.net is a social network and a platform for applications – a network of independently developed apps – that members can choose between. Depending on your preferred method of connecting to App.net, there is an app for you. This series will showcase the variety of apps you can use.


The team over at @alwaysallthetime has been busy.  A month after the release of their video sharing app Climber hit the App Store, @rrbrambley and @derelk announced the release of Sprinter, their photo sharing app, also for iPhone.

Sprinter is the first dedicated, mobile photo-sharing app for App.net with a simple, intuitive interface for posting photos quickly.  Sprinter does one thing but does it well.

ss1          ss2          ss4          ss3

Open the app and there is only one thing you can do: take a photo.  After that you can apply a filter, then add a caption, tag your location and post to App.net.  Sprinter does a good job of limiting your potential actions to guide you through the flow quickly.

You are able to choose either the back or front-facing camera and there is a flash option as well.  Sprinter currently has seven different filters to choose from and all photos are stored in your App.net file storage so you own your photos.

old building       bagels       buddha       Rob eyes       Giraffes       office       rubix       lightbrite