Announcing Domain Verification

Thinking about what “verified” means on the social web

As has grown, it has become clear that providing additional signals to help determine the authenticity of an account is important. We have spent significant time discussing the best way to approach this problem, and have decided that a domain-based verification process is the best option. With domain-based verification, anyone can verify that their account is controlled by the same person that controls a given website.

This verification mechanism works in a self-service manner for individuals, companies, even pseudo-anonymous identities. In this context, the definition of “verified” is different than what you might expect: instead of being a signal that an account is controlled by a celebrity, it is a verified signal of who is actually in control of the account. For example, “Fake Grimlock” could verify that the person who controls the FakeGrimlock account is the same person controlling the website

Domain Verification on

Today we are excited to make domain verification available to the entire community. Once your website is verified, people will see a special icon and a link to your website on your profile. Each account can be associated with only one domain name, but each domain name can be associated with multiple accounts.

Verify your website in three steps:

  1. Enter your website on the domain verification page.                                                             domain verification 1
  2. Add an follow button or a special html tag to your domain’s index page.                                       domain verification 2
  3. Once you’ve added the html to your website, click “Verify”.                                            Screenshot 4:29:13 10:18 AM

If we detect the follow button or HTML snippet on your site, we’ll add the verified status to your account. Please note that if you change your username or remove the html from your website, you’ll lose your verified status on We plan on adding additional options in the future for individuals are not able to use these verification methods.

To learn more or to start the verification process, please have a look at the account verification page.