Podcast Episode 10

Note: We apologize for the decreased audio quality of this podcast.  The technical difficulties will be solved in Episode 11. 

This week on the Podcast @berg again joins @dalton to talk about all things  They cover topics such as this week’s release of domain verification, the state of the ADN app ecosystem, user streams and ADN branding.  The podcast closes with questions from users.


  • 0:20    Domain Verification release
  • 1:20     What does “verified” mean on ADN?
  • 6:05     Why we used “rel=me”
  • 10:00   Follow buttons - customizable:
  • 15:15     State of the app ecosystem - Microblogging
  • 20:15    State of the app ecosystem - Media sharing
  • 22:50    State of the app ecosystem - Social gaming
  • 30:45    User Streams
  • 33:25’s growth
  • 35:20    Site-wide branding – vs. Alpha vs. iOS directory app “Passport”
  • 41:40    ADN Hackathon reminder / WWDC meetup  
  • 43:20    User Questions


Thanks to @ca, @chartier, @kosso, @jmergy, @davidangel, @clonezone, @mrbeefy, @cocoasamurai, @nhk, @shawndrape, @simon_w, @blumenkraft, @flashblu, @spacekatgal, @jefflemond, @zero, @bryanjclark, @jamesduffell, @jssrea, @nsonic, @timpritlove and @pedroh96 for submitting user questions



Apps mentioned in this week’s podcast:


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