Passport for iOS is now available

blog-passportWe are excited to announce that Passport for iOS is now available (download link). Passport is the easiest way for iPhone users to browse the directory, find their friends, and to manage or create an account.

Our mission has always been to support developers and to give members more choice. At its core, Passport is our directory app: an easy way for iPhone users to find and install other iPhone apps, and for iOS developers to connect more directly with new users.

Here’s what you can do with Passport:

  • Create an account
  • Find and follow other members
  • Download and discover iPhone apps
  • Update your bio, profile photo, and cover image

Notably (and quite intentionally), the Passport app does not have posting or messaging features. As always, we encourage members to use 3rd-party apps. An additional benefit of the Passport app for 3rd-party developers is a new Authentication SDK which makes it easy to seamlessly integrate login/signup functionality into any app.


image_2  image_3image_4  image_1 invite image

It’s also worth noting that anyone who downloads Passport will be able to create a free-tier account. Like everything we do, this is an experiment, and we will be watching the data closely to see what we learn and its impact on the community. To set expectations: we may decide to turn off open signup via the app at any point.

Non-iPhone users: we haven’t forgotten about you. We plan on taking our learnings from the iOS Passport app and applying them to other platforms.


The team