This Week’s RecApp

This week we have a Mac app for managing your ADN files, an iOS release of one of the earlier apps to hit the Directory, a panoramic photo sharing app, a web app to create lists on ADN and one to connect developers with designers.


swingSwing for Mac - The simplest way to get files into your file storage.  Upload single files, multiple files or folders.  Auto-upload screenshots. Upload cliboard contents with a global shortcut.  Share short URLs.  Log in with multiple accounts.  Created by @urbanape




bufferBuffer - for iPhone - Share more easily to and other social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, all from one place right on your iPhone. Buffer also works from many of your favorite iOS apps to post to Reeder, Pocket, via email and Instapaper.  Buffer is the easiest way to stay on top of your social networks and to post great content all day long.  Created by @buffer




panoPanoPerfect - for iPhonePanoPerfect is a fun, free, and simple way to share beautiful panoramic photos on your iPhone. is fully integrated with PanoPerfect. You can auto share uploads, and create an account by signing in  Created by @natechiger & @coulton




list appList AppSearch & Discovery - Create, share, subscribe and manage lists of users, read the combined stream of posts.  Created by @ryantharp

 - Search & Discovery Scoutzie is the best way to find the right designer for your project. We connect top designers from around the world with customers seeking professional design services. In order to keep the community safe, we require that customers validate their online presence with multiple social media account. is one of the available choices.  Created by @scoutzie



We’ll back back with another recApp when more apps pop up in the Directory.  Keep calm and download apps.