Sharing Photos on

Let’s talk photos.  They play a huge part in social media. They convey in one glance what can take many words to describe. (someone should really turn that into a saying…) Most people these days walk around with a camera on them and take photos of just about anything you could imagine.

Now, while we agree that not every photo is worth sharing with the world, the ready access to a photo-taking device with an internet connection have made social networks a more interesting place to hang out and we want to encourage more of it on

We would like to start highlighting great photos that we see shared on because we think there are some great shots being shared out there.  We started an account called @hand_picd which reposts photos from the global photo feed.  It is a manually curated account so we’re taking the time to look through the photos shared on to highlight the ones that stand out to us.  Maybe you’ve been “hand picd” already! Here are some of our favorites from the last week or so:

Image_from_Riposte_2013-05-07Image_from_Riposte_2013-05-14IMG_8362-2Image_from_Riposte_2013-05-12Image from FelixImage_from_Riposte_2013-05-14 (1)1367452013_media_640Image from Felix (1)Image_from_Riposte_2013-05-02

The variety of photo sharing options on have been made possible by our thriving developer communiy. It has been inspiring to see how far the community has come in less than a year.  It was natural that the first apps built for the service were messaging clients, but as the number of clients grows and begin to mature we now see photo sharing become a standard option with various photo sharing services like Mobypicture,, Droplr, and BLI.MS being integrated into these clients.

We now have our first dedicated mobile photo sharing app in Sprinter which lets you easily take photos and post them to Photolicious and PanoPerfect aslo integrate their services into and give you completely different photo browsing and sharing experiences to choose from.

We hope to continue to see more options and new ways to share photos on as the service matures. Keep posting great photos and we’ll keep an eye out for your masterful use of composition, natural lighting and balance.