Podcast Episode 11

This week on the Podcast @berg again joins @dalton to talk about all things  They talk more about the “out-of-box-experience“, the ‘Find People‘ algorithm, the future of ADN invites, upcoming improvements to the Passport iOS app, the API roadmap and as per usual the podcast ends with user questions.  Enjoy!


  • 0:20 Hackathon: June 8th in S.F.
  • 1:00     ADN Meetup: June 12th in S.F
  • 1:25     Out-of-the-box user experience
  • 6:40     How the ‘Find People’ algorithm works
  • 10:05    Future of the invitation system
  • 12:20    Finding people on ADN - Integrating phone# / SMS verification
  • 17:35    Upcoming improvements to Passport
  • 26:29   @berg talks about the API roadmap- User streams, segmented authentication, stream faceting & the billing API
  • 34:05   Games – we want to see more!
  • 34:45    User Questions


Thanks to @nhk@shawndrape@flashblu@zero, @ericd, @jws, @isaacaggrey, @phoneboy, @blakehill, @avatarx, @walruscp for submitting user questions.



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