Hackathon Recap

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This Saturday was the 3rd #adnhackathon, and some 60-70 developers and community members showed up to work on existing projects, start new ones, and generally move the platform forward.

It was a great day. Thanks to everyone who participated, both in-person and on the service remotely, and especially those that flew in from out of town. Developers came from all over the country and as far away as India, Spain, and France.

Below is a list of what was presented, and you can watch ustream to see a recording of the demo. Some of these projects are available now, while many more will be very soon.

@faizan and @anirudh demonstrated the integration they built into their photo-sharing app Pixter. You can now login with Passport and share photos to your stream.

@duerig, who makes Patter, showed off a web app called Nostalgia which is a tool that displays old posts, you know, if you’re nostalgic for the early days.


“Ohai” by @stevestreza

@stevestreza has been working on a new journaling app for iOS called Ohai, and he gave the first public presentation of its features and functionality. Ohai allows you to keep track of what you did on any given day: what photos you took, where you went, who you were with, and more. He posted the object-metadata to GitHub for other developers to start building integrations. Ohai will be available soon.

@davewood and @zedenem created a way to view ADN Stats (inspired by @ryantharp‘s stats web app) on the iPhone. It shows top posts, top hashtags, top posters, and more, over certain time periods. The plan is to incorporate it into the forthcoming iPhone app Discuss, developed by @davewood and @sabby.


“Crest” by @b3ll

@b3ll integrated into his iPad app Crest, which is a timeline visualizer. As soon as a new post is created that account’s profile image will descend from your screen. You can then tap the image to reveal the content. The integration is not yet available, but will be soon.

@conradstoll put together an iPad app that displays only the posts in your feed with links. Available soon.




@tilgovi’s annotation tool

@rrbrambley and @derelk worked on several updates to their apps, Sprinter and Climber. Photos and vidoes shared with each app will now have their own stand-alone pages that show the conversation and commenting. Like this one.

@Ji worked on a way to create a post and to view your profile in Pebble.

@swhitley integrated into an enterprise app that he develops called, Huddle. His users can now tie a private conversation on to a business process on Huddle.

@tilgovi created a way to use annotations to annotate a web page you were reading. You can create a posts and replies that show up both in your stream and on the original web page you were reading.




“Favd” by @isaiah and @samleegray

@isaiah showed off the new photo app, Favd, which he and @samleegray have been building. It’s still in progress, but you can view photos from your stream, view the @hand_picd stream, as well as take pictures, add filters, and share them. Their demo was a sneak peek, and it will be available soon.

@smallsharptools wrote an ADN Activity Collection library to make it easier to share content from other iOS services into

@problem and @birada demoed Lenses, a new photo app that displays photos in your stream and takes and posts pictures. The app is not yet available.

@lewisjellis built a sandbox that lets users write scripts in Lua and map them to URL endpoints (inspired by Plugins exposed additional functionality like reading JSON and sending SMS messages. He plans to integrate apppy by @mlv  as a plugin to make the ADN API available to Lua. Because things run in a server-side sandbox, developers can safely use their client secret to make authenticated API calls.

@neonacho built a tool called FeedMe that gives you one restaurant recommendation based on your current location. You can then check-in and create a post. Available soon.





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photos by @darius, @berg, and @ben