What is Posts to ADN?

We like seeing tools, integrations, and posting services that make it easier to share content into App.net.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 1.38.12 PMPosts to ADN, developed by @maximevalette, is a WordPress plugin that automatically creates a new App.net post when you publish a new article to your WordPress site.

If you’re a WordPress blogger – and there are some 65 million of you out there, according to their stats – you can now simply, elegantly, and automatically share your work into App.net.

Currently, you can specify the format of the App.net post using a combination of six variables:

  • Title
  • Link
  • Author
  • Excerpt
  • Tags
  • Image (sends the featured image with your post)

Advanced options include the ability to use a linked title, connecting your Bit.ly account for shortened links and analytics, and setting a delay on any posts.

Many of you have already discovered it – including @allthingsapple, and @shawnblanc_net – and, if you don’t want to add this to your personal account, you can create a new account for your WordPress blog.

Here is an example of how a post from @stratechery appears in Alpha with {title}{link} formatting set.


Install Posts to ADN today to start sharing your content in to App.net.