This Week’s RecApp

We have some new apps in the Directory to share with you. There is an RSS posting and statistics tool, a file management web client, an iOS client and an app that lets you post audio content to ADN via a telephone call. It’s great to see developers continue to explore new ways to interact with the ADN community. Now go give them a try!


feedpressFeedpress - Posting Service - FeedPress is a way for you, the creator, to put forth your work out into the world of the web, by easily allowing you to publish and track your RSS statistics. FeedPress includes built-in diagnostic tools, responsive design, multi-feed redirect and push support, integration with popular analytics and publishing tools such as Mint and WordPress, and more.  Created by @maximevalette



puttrPuttr - Web Client - Puttr allows you to quickly upload files to your storage. Puttr works well with both mobile and desktop devices, allowing drag and drop uploads on the latter. Puttr provides a short URL for uploaded files, ready for you to share via email, IM or your favourite social networking site. Created by @simon_w





NetAppNetApp - for iPhonean iOS client, NetApp lets you see you personalised unified stream. Posts posts to, and Twitter. Follow & Unfollow users…  Created by @andersplanting





TelephoneTelephone - Integrations - posting audio content to ADN is only a telephone call away. This service currently has telephone access points in London, UK and San Fransisco, USA, with more coming soon.  @tinnion




That’s it for this week’s recApp, we’ll share the next batch of apps with you when they show up in the Directory. Remember, these apps are more more fun to use with friends so invite them to try out for free and share the amazing ADN community with them!

Note: These app descriptions are provided by the developers: edited slightly for content and format.