Podcast Episode 12

This week on the Podcast @dalton catches you up on what’s been happening with ADN since Episode 11.

He starts off by sharing some of his insight on the progression of as marked by the three Hackathons we’ve hosted. He then goes on to talk about the improvements to upcoming new version of Passport, the new web signup flow, Passport for Android and he spends a good amount of time talking about why we built PourOver. As usual, the podcast ends with user questions.  Enjoy!


  • 0:20      The progression of ADN for developers
  • 5:42      New version of Passport coming soon
  • 8:22      Out of the box experience: reducing friction
  • 12:00    Improvements to invititations 
  • 15:30     Improved login/signup for web developers
  • 22:30 Passport for Android coming soon
  • 23:05     Explanation of ‘PourOver‘, the new RSS syndication tool for ADN
  • 29:40    Help bring in your favorite content publishers
  • 33:20     New features that will come with growth to the ADN community
  • 36:30     User Questions



Big thanks to @simon_w, @ryantharp, @swilliams, @schoeni, @mrbeefy, @chartier@flashblu, @karlos, @ralf, @joeo10, @mpacer, @myfreeweb and @romankominek for submitting questions.



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