This Week’s RecApp

There is some great variety in this week’s recApp. We have an Android group messaging client, an RSS syndication tool, an iOS journaling app, the first mobile ADN file management tool, a WordPress plugin for podcasters, two apps that share photos in new and different ways and a web client for viewing profile stats of ADN members.

All of these apps do a great job of expanding on the existing app ecosystem and improving the overall user experience on  Keep up the great work developers!


s5xoLoGrZytJyICijbH0uFgAJEB7InMiOiJzMyIsImIiOiJhZG4tdXNlci1hc3NldHMiLCJrIjoiYXNzZXRzL3BhZ2UvZjUvNjAvMDAvZjU2MDAwMDAwMDAwMDAwMC5wbmciLCJvIjoiY29tcG9zaXRlQGM9ZmZmZmZmZmY7b3V0cHV0QGZvcm1hdD1qcGVnLHF1YWxpdHk9OTAifQOhai - for iPhoneOhai is your journal for keeping track of where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Flip back in time with a beautiful digital book made of your memories. Photos and locations you take are stored securely on your account, and can be simultaneously posted to and Twitter. Keep track of what matters most to you. Created by @stevestreza



PourOverPourOver - Posting Service - By popular demand, the team has been working on a new syndication tool called PourOver. Once you authorize PourOver, simply paste in your RSS URL, preview what your posts will look like, then click “Save Feed.”” That’s all there is to it. Created by @voidfiles & @berg



Rory Jr.Rory Jr.for Android - Rory Jr. is a group messaging client for Android 4.0+. Features private rooms for friends or coworkers, Patter room support, and private messaging. Little brother to Project Rory.  Created by @fam




FilezFilezfor iPhone & iPad - Filez is a file manager app for your files stored on the social network framework (ADN). It runs on iPhone and iPod Touch. Support for in-app viewing of images, audio clips, videos, Word, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and more.  Created by @ludolphus



PodlovePodlove Publisher - Posting Service - The Podlove Podcast Publisher is a plugin for WordPress turning it into a publishing powerhouse for podcasters. Among other integrations, the Publisher lets you automatically post new episodes to in the background.  Created by @podlove




twentysecsTwentysecsfor iPhone - Turn your day’s photos into a twenty second video. You can use the in-app camera to take your photos or import them from your Camera Roll, Photo Stream or other apps like Messages or Mail. Twentysecs has nine built-in themes, each with its own optional background music theme. Twentysecs can share your video directly to  Created by @ctarda



Analytics - AppAnalytics-App - Web ClientAnalytics-App is a service that provides performance information about users on Currently you can view a user’s recently popular posts as well as their gains/loss of followers and who they follow. More information is being added all the time…  Created by @dffy




photo-appphoto-app - Posting Service - Love photography? You also think that is a great way to share your work? allows you to schedule your photo sharing posts in advance, and share a photo every day (or whenever you want)! Created by @taglia




That’s it for this week. As developers keep the apps coming, we’ll continue to keep you up to date on the newest apps to hit the Directory. Until then take these apps for a spin and let the developers know what you think about them. Developers love feedback!

Note: These descriptions are created by the developers; edited slightly for length and format.