What is Rory Jr.?

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 4.13.16 PM

We would like to introduce you all to Rory Jr., the first native Android private messaging client for App.net. Rory Jr. is the latest dedicated private messaging app we’ve seen pop up and it appears that PMs are and increasing trend among ADN members and developers alike.


Rory Jr. is the little brother of Project Rorythe desktop private messaging client for Windows 7 and 8. Both were built by @fam and support Patter rooms. Rory Jr. also has integrated the App.net web signup flow so that non-ADN members who download Rory Jr. can create a free App.net account within the app.

We certainly love seeing the Android portion of the Directory getting filled out with quality products like Rory Jr. and other great apps. Rory Jr. is available in the Google Play store for $.99. If you have any questions about Rory Jr. contact @projectrory on App.net.

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