Photo highlights from @hand_picd

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve highlighted the fantastic photos from in a blog post so this one will be a little larger than usual. All of these photos have been reposted by ADN’s own @hand_picd account, which manually curates a collection of great shots that we see posted on the service.

If you think your pics deserve a little highlighting, use the #hand_picd hashtag when sharing them and we’ll be sure to see them.

Photos have become an increasingly important part of sharing on and we’re seeing more and more photo related apps being built to support this sharing. Many of the regular clients have supported photo sharing for some time but we’ve recently seen more apps that were specifically designed to share photos built for and integrated with

Here are just some of the photo sharing apps we’re referring to, give them a try and find the one that works best for you: Sprinter, Photolicious, PanoPerfect, Pixter, Twentysecs,¬†and photo-app.

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