We are just getting started

cakeIt’s now the one year anniversary of App.net. Over the past year we have been making a transition from getting the basics of a social API up and running to supporting a vibrant community of 3rd party applications. So far, so good.

We are proud of the progress that we have made thus far, but we are just scratching the surface of our goals for the platform. In year two, as our focus expands from simply trying to deliver basic “1.0″ versions of our API, our overall mission remains the same: building a social platform with better aligned incentives with both users and developers.

A few highlights from the past year:

Looking forward

As part of this expansion in scope, and in light of overall progress we have made, we have raised ~$2.5MM of additional capital. The money has come from our existing investors, who have been partners in the business from the beginning. We raised money under good terms, from people that we trust, and that have been on our team from the very beginning.

Why did we choose to raise this money? We are just starting to realize the potential of what App.net can be, and we want our developer and member community to be confident that App.net is on strong financial ground and here to stay. This financing gives us an additional cushion and resources to manage and support the infrastructure and staff that run App.net. Our team, including our investors, are 100% committed to App.net’s services-based business model where our customers are our users, not advertisers.

A small preview of what’s to come:

  • Continue to build a strong foundation what we do best. For developers, we will continue to ship new APIs and broaden our social graph to provide you the best tools for innovation; for users, we will make it easier to create an account, find your friends, and discover new apps. The potential kinds of apps that can be built are just beginning to be realized, so expect to see new interesting apps and more users having novel interactions and experiences.
  • Expect updates to Passport for iOS with some often-requested features and the first release of Passport for Android.
  • As we quietly announced a few days ago, we’re responding to feedback on the Messages API and raising the character limit for PMs and Patter rooms from 256 to 2048.
  • We’ll be expanding the reach of the search API by allowing more things to be searched, like PMs, chats and files.
  • We will support developers as they build apps for iOS 7 and Patter, integrate with Ohai, and release the first App.net game.
  • And of course, we’ve got some exciting new APIs and lots of enhancements to our existing APIs on the way.