Improvements to Broadcast

Broadcast, our new feature that lets you send and receive real-time updates about things you care about, is off to a good start. As of last week more people are using their accounts to read a Broadcast on a daily basis than for microblogging. (Defined as a unique user opening an app that makes a call to our API.)

broadcast-pressNew email features for Broadcast

We have been spending a lot of time talking to current and potential Broadcast publishers. One feature request that we kept hearing was adding the ability to receive a Broadcast notification as an email. We took this feedback to heart and created a very simple signup flow: a user signs up to receive a Broadcast with just their email address and then is given the option of receiving it as either an email -OR- a push notification on their phone.

The idea of Broadcast is that any publisher can send out a high-value/low-volume message and know that it is received by 100% of their subscribed audience. As described in our announcement blogpost, publishers have no way of reaching 100% of their audience with tools like Facebook Pages. Adding the ability to publish via email as well as push notification just makes it that much easier for people interested in their Broadcast updates to get started.

New Broadcast embeddable widget

You have probably seen “email me updates” widgets on sites around the Internet. With our updated Broadcast widget you can offer a drop-in replacement of that widget on your own site. If the user has an active session they will see it as a subscribe button, but if they are not logged in it will look and behave like a regular email widget. The advantage to potential subscribers is that they have the choice to receive your updates as an email or a real-time push notification. You can see this widget in action at the bottom of this very blogpost.

Newly available analytics for Broadcast

We are excited to release analytics for Broadcast channels. We will continue to add more advanced tracking and segmenting, but as of today you can track everything you would expect from a mailing list:

  • Opens
  • Sends via push
  • Sends via email
  • Subscribes
  • Unsubscribes

Access to Broadcast analytics are available to users with a developer-tier account.

New Getting Started with Broadcast guides available:

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback by talking to @adn or sending a note to