What is the App.net Comments Widget?

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 5.13.39 PMWe get a lot of requests to create a way to leave a comment on a web site using your App.net account. So, at the last App.net Hackathon @voidfiles decided to build the App.net Comments Widget, which does just that.

We installed the App.net Comments Widget on this very blog (leave a comment below to see how it works), and it can be found on Maniacal Rage, Rumproarious, and several others.

The App.net Comments Widget is built on top of the App.net API, and all comments are actually public posts. Conversations within the App.net Comments Widget – comments, replies, and stars — can take place on your web site, or inside an App.net client as well.

We wanted to make the App.net Comments Widget as accessible as possible, so it only requires one line of html to install on your web site. We also enabled login with Facebook, so folks can participate, even if they don’t yet have an App.net account.

For more information about how to embed the widget, and for ways you can customize the widget visit the GitHub Repo.

If you want to get started quickly, just add this line of HTML to your website.