Backer of the Day: The Zombie Apocalypse

bluezombieToday’s Backer is for limited edition merchandise from The Zombie Apocalypse, including a laptop sticker and two posters.

The Zombie Apocalypse features killer zombie apocalypse survival tips, gifs, and useful links. In addition to regularly highlighting community submissions, they also frequently run a community Q & A where other zombie apocalypse survivors ask and answer questions.

The Zombie Apocalypse team write “In the age of information abundance, we strongly believe that the zombie apocalypse is inevitable, and survival requires community.”

Backer of the Day: Limited Edition Gumpity Grump Merchandise

sketch_smallToday’s Backer is from @peterpachoumis, the talent behind Gumpity Grump, who is using Backer to sell limited-edition merchandise: a poster, a t-shirt, and a one-of-a-kind hand-drawn sketch.

“Grumpity Grump has always been special to me”, writes @peterpachoumis, who has worked as a professional illustrator for DC Comics, Image Comics, Wildstorm Comics, and more.

Order your limited-edition Grumpity Grump merchandise now.

Backer of the Day: The Yard

The Yard - New York, NYToday’s Backer is from The Yard, a fast-growing assemblage of co-working and private workspaces throughout New York City. The Yard is expanding this summer to the NoMad neighborhood in Manhattan, and is using Backer to let people reserve a spot and pick out their desks before the space opens.

According to Creative Director Andy Smith, the space will serve as a ‘hybrid alternative’ to standard co-working, with spacious lounge areas and conference rooms as well as fully furnished private offices. Backers can select from a number of options starting with an open co-working membership all the way up to a four-desk private suite, with customary setup fees waived.

If you are a startup or freelancer in New York, or just looking for space where you can work productively and creatively, take a look at The Yard’s Backer and secure a spot today.

Backer of the Day: Abby and Norma Limited Edition Poster

abbyandnormaToday’s Backer is for a limited edition poster from Erika Hammerschmidt, the writer, artist and creator of the webcomic Abby and Norma.

“I’m making a special Abby and Norma poster you can be proud to hang on your wall!” writes Erika. “From a distance it looks like a pretty geometric design, but get close and it’s made up of countless images from the comic, arranged neatly and symmetrically, interspersed with speech balloons just like the ones Abby and Norma use for conversation.”

Along with the poster there are a bevy of rewards for backing the campaign at every tier. Order your poster today.


Backer of the Day: Xaq-Industries Limited Edition Poster

xaqindustriesToday’s Backer is for a limited edition poster from Xaq-Industries, which is responsible for the great webcomic Fortress of Holding.

As creator Zach Martin writes, “You’ve Got Red on You is my love letter not only to the cult classic film Shawn of the Dead, but also to my life long fascination with the living dead, the zombie apocalypse, and the under-dogged every-man style hero.”

Order your poster now.

Backer Update: Final Day for Tips from the Top Floor Poster

rain_over_reykjavikThere is just one day left to get your very own limited-edition poster of this photograph taken by @chrismarquardt, host of Tips from the Top Floor, a weekly podcast about photography.

This Backer has been successfully funded — reached on its first day! — so, if you back the campaign, you are guaranteed to get a poster. If you are a photographer yourself, check out @chrismarquardt‘s higher-priced rewards where he offers personalized reviews of your work.

Back this campaign now.

Backer of the Day: Should Open Classifieds Add Plugin Support?

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.21.42 AM


Today’s Backer is from the team at Open Classifieds who are gauging demand for adding plugin support for their open source software.

Open Classifieds began from a passion for open source software that enables people to start their own businesses. Help the team add a plugin system that allows integrating new software components and features into Open Classifieds.

If you think Open Classifieds should add plugin support, commit to funding its development.