Hackathon Recap

The fourth #adnhackation was this past Saturday, and, as always, developers worked on some extremely creative and inventive projects, which open up new uses for an account.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.31.26 PM

Thanks to everyone who participated in-person at Impact Hub and remotely. It was a great day, and we’re excited to see work continue on everything that was presented (or just talked about).

Below is a list of what was demoed. Some of these projects are available now, while others are coming very soon.

  • Stellar is @jeremiah‘s tool for discovering popular posts. Similar to favstar, Stellar surfaces starred and reposted posts to help you find great content.
  • @voidfiles worked on Comet, an embeddable comments widget that’s built on posts. Read his blog post about it at
  • @abraham added realtime updates and freeform answers to his app Polls. If you haven’t checked Polls out, it’s a great way to create simple surveys on top of
  • A new microblogging client for the Mac is coming soon, courtesy of @stevestreza. It’s called Pegasus, and it will incorporate the latest APIs and all the new Mavericks updates.
  • @kolin is developing a social music discovery app for iOS that lets you share what you’re listening to in iTunes with your followers. Here’s how he describes it.
  • Working remotely, @simon_w built Dragoon, which creates a post for you based on what you’ve been talking about. It scans your recent posts and then generates what it thinks you’re most likely to say next. The results are pretty awesome.
  • @dffy is working on integrating an activity feed into Analytics-app that shows what interactions, like what posts people are starring and who’s following who, etc. He also helped get @mmmercury up and running again, another great tool for discovering interesting posts.

IMG_0963  IMG_0956  IMG_0944

IMG_0920   IMG_0930  IMG_0965 (1)


Big thanks to @stevestreza for the above photos. Hackathon Recap

8990464079_a447192615_oScreen Shot 2013-06-10 at 4.34.18 PM8991661756_2dc2afeaf2_o

This Saturday was the 3rd #adnhackathon, and some 60-70 developers and community members showed up to work on existing projects, start new ones, and generally move the platform forward.

It was a great day. Thanks to everyone who participated, both in-person and on the service remotely, and especially those that flew in from out of town. Developers came from all over the country and as far away as India, Spain, and France.

Below is a list of what was presented, and you can watch ustream to see a recording of the demo. Some of these projects are available now, while many more will be very soon.

@faizan and @anirudh demonstrated the integration they built into their photo-sharing app Pixter. You can now login with Passport and share photos to your stream.

@duerig, who makes Patter, showed off a web app called Nostalgia which is a tool that displays old posts, you know, if you’re nostalgic for the early days.


“Ohai” by @stevestreza

@stevestreza has been working on a new journaling app for iOS called Ohai, and he gave the first public presentation of its features and functionality. Ohai allows you to keep track of what you did on any given day: what photos you took, where you went, who you were with, and more. He posted the object-metadata to GitHub for other developers to start building integrations. Ohai will be available soon.

@davewood and @zedenem created a way to view ADN Stats (inspired by @ryantharp‘s stats web app) on the iPhone. It shows top posts, top hashtags, top posters, and more, over certain time periods. The plan is to incorporate it into the forthcoming iPhone app Discuss, developed by @davewood and @sabby.


“Crest” by @b3ll

@b3ll integrated into his iPad app Crest, which is a timeline visualizer. As soon as a new post is created that account’s profile image will descend from your screen. You can then tap the image to reveal the content. The integration is not yet available, but will be soon.

@conradstoll put together an iPad app that displays only the posts in your feed with links. Available soon.




@tilgovi’s annotation tool

@rrbrambley and @derelk worked on several updates to their apps, Sprinter and Climber. Photos and vidoes shared with each app will now have their own stand-alone pages that show the conversation and commenting. Like this one.

@Ji worked on a way to create a post and to view your profile in Pebble.

@swhitley integrated into an enterprise app that he develops called, Huddle. His users can now tie a private conversation on to a business process on Huddle.

@tilgovi created a way to use annotations to annotate a web page you were reading. You can create a posts and replies that show up both in your stream and on the original web page you were reading.




“Favd” by @isaiah and @samleegray

@isaiah showed off the new photo app, Favd, which he and @samleegray have been building. It’s still in progress, but you can view photos from your stream, view the @hand_picd stream, as well as take pictures, add filters, and share them. Their demo was a sneak peek, and it will be available soon.

@smallsharptools wrote an ADN Activity Collection library to make it easier to share content from other iOS services into

@problem and @birada demoed Lenses, a new photo app that displays photos in your stream and takes and posts pictures. The app is not yet available.

@lewisjellis built a sandbox that lets users write scripts in Lua and map them to URL endpoints (inspired by Plugins exposed additional functionality like reading JSON and sending SMS messages. He plans to integrate apppy by @mlv  as a plugin to make the ADN API available to Lua. Because things run in a server-side sandbox, developers can safely use their client secret to make authenticated API calls.

@neonacho built a tool called FeedMe that gives you one restaurant recommendation based on your current location. You can then check-in and create a post. Available soon.





8990466255_1443f9a4f0_o8991663184_6c2c04605e_o8991664582_cb50ec3616_oScreen Shot 2013-06-10 at 4.48.56 PMIMG_7733IMG_77362013-06-08 21.25.53      2013-06-08 21.22.22      2013-06-08 21.14.12      2013-06-08 21.01.492013-06-08 21.08.15    2013-06-08 20.54.46    2013-06-08 20.58.59IMG_7742IMG_7745IMG_7755IMG_7799IMG_77388990463613_6b8a5752b0_o


photos by @darius, @berg, and @ben Podcast Episode 11

This week on the Podcast @berg again joins @dalton to talk about all things  They talk more about the “out-of-box-experience“, the ‘Find People‘ algorithm, the future of ADN invites, upcoming improvements to the Passport iOS app, the API roadmap and as per usual the podcast ends with user questions.  Enjoy!


  • 0:20 Hackathon: June 8th in S.F.
  • 1:00     ADN Meetup: June 12th in S.F
  • 1:25     Out-of-the-box user experience
  • 6:40     How the ‘Find People’ algorithm works
  • 10:05    Future of the invitation system
  • 12:20    Finding people on ADN - Integrating phone# / SMS verification
  • 17:35    Upcoming improvements to Passport
  • 26:29   @berg talks about the API roadmap- User streams, segmented authentication, stream faceting & the billing API
  • 34:05   Games – we want to see more!
  • 34:45    User Questions


Thanks to @nhk@shawndrape@flashblu@zero, @ericd, @jws, @isaacaggrey, @phoneboy, @blakehill, @avatarx, @walruscp for submitting user questions.



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If you have a question for a future podcast, a suggestion, or other feedback, send your thoughts to @ADN using #ADNpodcast. Podcast Episode 10

Note: We apologize for the decreased audio quality of this podcast.  The technical difficulties will be solved in Episode 11. 

This week on the Podcast @berg again joins @dalton to talk about all things  They cover topics such as this week’s release of domain verification, the state of the ADN app ecosystem, user streams and ADN branding.  The podcast closes with questions from users.


  • 0:20    Domain Verification release
  • 1:20     What does “verified” mean on ADN?
  • 6:05     Why we used “rel=me”
  • 10:00   Follow buttons - customizable:
  • 15:15     State of the app ecosystem - Microblogging
  • 20:15    State of the app ecosystem - Media sharing
  • 22:50    State of the app ecosystem - Social gaming
  • 30:45    User Streams
  • 33:25’s growth
  • 35:20    Site-wide branding – vs. Alpha vs. iOS directory app “Passport”
  • 41:40    ADN Hackathon reminder / WWDC meetup  
  • 43:20    User Questions


Thanks to @ca, @chartier, @kosso, @jmergy, @davidangel, @clonezone, @mrbeefy, @cocoasamurai, @nhk, @shawndrape, @simon_w, @blumenkraft, @flashblu, @spacekatgal, @jefflemond, @zero, @bryanjclark, @jamesduffell, @jssrea, @nsonic, @timpritlove and @pedroh96 for submitting user questions



Apps mentioned in this week’s podcast:


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What is Climber? is a social network and a platform for applications – a network of independently developed apps – that members can choose between. Depending on your preferred method of connecting to, there is an app for you. This series will showcase the variety of apps you can use.


Climber is a brand new video sharing app built for that lets you easily record and share short videos with your followers.

@rrbrambley and @derelk began the project at the last Hackathon on March 2nd in San Francisco and three short weeks later you can download it from the App Store for your iPhone.  That’s pretty cool to see.

The way Climber works is that you open the app in your iPhone and after about a second of old fashioned TV snow you’re ready to start recording.

To begin recording touch and hold down your finger anywhere on the screen for as long as you’d like to record video.  As soon as you lift your finger the recording stops and will continue recording when you press down again.  This allows you to “edit” your video in real-time by linking short clips together to create your 11 second masterpiece.

photo (4)                              photo (2)                                photo (3)

When you are done recording you can instantly preview the video (recommended) before sharing it with the world.  When you are ready to post it, add a message to the post and tag your location if you like or let the video speak for itself.

Here are a few Climber videos that were reposted by the @climber account:  Seems like breakfast was a popular topic.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 2.35.22 PM     Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 2.35.48 PM     Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 2.36.17 PM     Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 2.37.59 PM     Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 2.38.56 PM

Your Climber videos can be viewed on the Climber website when you click on the link in a post but that is not where your videos are stored.

Climber makes use of the File API, which means that your Climber videos are stored in your storage and belong to you.  As @rrbrambley states in his blog post:

“All Climber posts are more or less like any other post to, but with a link to our website where the video can be watched. Our video pages simply rely on post data to retrieve links to video files contained in personal file storage. If a user chooses to delete their post, or even just delete the video file in their file storage, then it can no longer be viewed on our website”


climber In support of #MondayNightDanceParty, we'd love to repost any great dance moves you feeling like showing off on Climber :)

Seeing as today is Monday, Climber is inviting your to share any videos of your best dance moves during tonight’s #MondayNightDanceParty so start getting warmed up, you don’t want to pull a hammy.

We love seeing the evolution of apps being built on ADN and we think Climber does a great job of creating a unique experience for the ADN community to interact.  We look forward to seeing more apps like it in the Directory.

This Week’s RecApp

It’s been a busy week and we’ve got more apps to share with you all.  It’s a bigger batch than usual so you’ve got your work cut out for you if you’re gonna try them all, but we think you’re up to the task.  There are a few apps that are products of last weekend’s Hackathon and there are some cool integrations with services you’re already familiar with.


AmyAmyfor messaging is now at home on the Mac. Amy integrates private messages, group chats, and Patter rooms into Messages for Mac. See the people you follow in your buddy list. Send and receive messages.  Created by @stevestreza



AppBoxAppBox - Integrations - View your messsages, posts and channels in your favorite email program.  Created by @ryantharp




CheckinCheckin ADNfor the Web - Checkin ADN helps you share your favorite places on using ADN’s Places API and checkin annotation. Once you authorize Checkin ADN and allow location services, you can write the post text, search for the place you want to check into, add a photo, and check in. Works great on your desktop or on your phone.  Created by @barmstrong



BlimBLI.MS - Posting ServiceBLI.MS is a full multimedia processing service for developers of client to integrate photos, video AND audio sharing in their apps. BLI.MS powers the multimedia behind #PAN, Rivr, Dash and Robin and more…  Created by @kosso



BlimshotBLIMSHOT - Browser Extension - BLIMSHOT is an extension for users of to easily create and share links as ‘visual bookmarks’ using screenshots of almost any web page. A demo screencast can be seen here.  Created by @kosso - Integrations - is a free service that provides push notifications from to your iOS, Android, or email client.  Full control over notifications allows you to selectively enable or disable a wide range of notifications, allowing you to fine tune the data you receive.  Created by @ravisorg



tagpadTagPadPosting Services - is a social bookmarking site integrated with  Save, tag and share your favorite bookmarks on!  Sign in with your id. When you save a link it will be shared on your stream (with hashtags) helping you to connect with others who share similar interests.  Created by @tagpad




jSquare Posting ServicesWith jSquare you can have all your check-ins posted to almost exactly like the old foursquare®. Login with foursquare®, add your account and you’re all set! All future check-ins will be sent to your connected accounts, the way they should be. It’s simple as that.  Created by @jota


extended shareExtended Share for G+ - Browser ExtensionsGoogle+ doesn’t have a way to share outside that network. With this extension, you can easily share any content to  This extension will add a link “Share on …” to each post.  Created by @mohamedmansour - Search & displays a user’s best posts. You can see who has starred and reposted your own posts, and you can also see the best posts from others on Created by @wjl




Kudos if you made it to the bottom of the post.  You get a gold star!  Well that’s it for this week’s recApp.  See you next time. -ADN Team

Note: the descriptions provided here are from the developers. Edited slightly for length and format. Hackathon Recap


This past Saturday was the 2nd #adnhackathon, and some fifty developers, community members, journalists, and the simply curious got together to hack on and talk Needless to say, it was a special day for Thanks to all those who came out (many collaborators were meeting for the first time), tuned into ustream, followed the hashtag, or otherwise participated.

The energy, the creativity, the passion, the spirit – it was all thrilling and humbling. There were a range of projects worked on, including an analytics tool, various integrations, new ways to view streams, and updates to existing apps.

Some of these projects are available for you to use now, while others you’ll (hopefully!) be able to use in the coming weeks.

Below is a list of what was presented, and you can watch ustream to see a recording of the demo.


Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 11.15.47 AM

Weft by @duerig

@duerig presented a project called Weft, which allows you to view your stream spatially, instead of the standard thread view. You can use arrow keys to navigate your stream to view conversations, so you can track replies in new and interesting ways.

@ryantharp built an gateway, AppBox, allowing users to receive mentions directly in their favorite email client. Learn more.

@samuelclay implemented native integration with Newsblur‘s web, iPhone, and iPad applications. You can now find the people you follow on on NewsBlur (as long as they have an NewsBlur account). You can also share links from NewsBlur to

@joshjones created Netwall, which displays a feed in a billboard style on your iPad. For example, you can live stream global (or, soon, your own stream, hashtag, and more) and get a look at what’s happening. Read his blog post about it.



Heartbeat @haxor and @tilgovi

@haxor and @tilgovi developed heartbeat, which is a time-series monitor, allowing you to graph data series over time, using Channels as a backend to store the data. This allows you, for example, to see how many visitors a particular web page receives over time, like you’re checking its pulse.

@rrbrambley and @derelk – created a video sharing tool for using the File API. Here’s the video they took to demo.

@abraham upgraded his Succynct Chrome extension with more robust interactions notifications, including starring and reposting. He also demoed hashtag notifications (coming soon), so you can get notifications whenever a hashtag is used in a post.

@isaiah and @joeworkman added some additional functionality to Kiwi. They created a Safari extension for Kiwi to create posts for sharing the current web page or a selection of text or images. They also made it easier to share images and text from your hard drive directly to Kiwi. While they were at it, they created an Alfred extension, and a dropzone extension is coming soon.



Amy by @stevestreza

Amy by @stevestreza

@stevestreza unveiled Amy, which integrates private messages – including file sharing – into Messages for Mac, included in all machines running Mountain Lion. The integration includes Patter rooms. He wrote a blog post about it, including instructions for download and setup.

@barmstrong created two projects. The first, Checkin ADN, is a check-in app to broadcast your location. The second, Salsola, applies customizable Tumblr themes to an stream.


Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 12.20.25 PM

Comics-inspired communication by @andrewhaskin, @billkunz, and @nelsonhornstein

@billkunz and @nelsonhornstein worked on a prototype of @andrewhaskin‘s master’s thesis project. They are creating new way to interact and communicate, inspired by comics. @andrewhaskin wrote up a blog post that details more.

@jaminguy and @jaredsinclair continued work on their app Riposte, adding support for private messages

@kolin — added photo support to Stream. Coming soon will be a map view to see where in the world posts are being created.

@mthurman forked @abraham‘s Chrome extension Succynct to enable keeping track of which posts you’ve already seen. When opening conversations in new tabs, posts which have already been seen are faded out.

@voidfiles also forked Succynct and added support for sharing text, links and images from the context menu. Here’s the post he made from Succynct during his demo.

@jmathai added File API support to TroveBox (formerly OpenPhoto) enabling you to see your photos hosted on as an album as well as post pictures to through TroveBox.




And the event in photos:

IMG_7335DSC05310      IMG_7336   IMG_7353  IMG_7382   IMG_7385   IMG_7391   IMG_7393   IMG_7395  IMG_7398   IMG_7401  IMG_7402  IMG_7404   IMG_7410  IMG_7416  IMG_7417  IMG_7423   IMG_7424 IMG_7430  IMG_7435  IMG_7438  IMG_7443  IMG_7449  IMG_7457  IMG_7461  IMG_7463  IMG_7467  IMG_7469DSC05336  IMG_7412

Upcoming events in NYC, San Francisco and Austin

If you’re in, or around, New York City, San Francisco, and Austin the next few weeks, come meet a few of your fellow community members.

First up: ADN Meetup in New York City on Thursday, February 21 at Salvation Taco from 6-9 pm. @jhubball and @orian from ADNHQ will be on hand, joined by many others, to eat tacos and talk shop. RSVP to attend.


On Saturday, March 2, the 2nd Hackathon goes down in San Francisco, 10 am – 10 pm (exact location TBD). Last time, projects like LongPosts, Apparchy, Vidcast, among many others, came to life. We’re fired up to see what’s in store this year. Please RSVP if you’re planning on attending.

A week later, on March 9, @dalton will be speaking at SXSW. If you’re in town, let @adn know, as we’re finalizing the details on a casual meetup someplace nearby.