Lend us your ears: @dalton on The New Disruptors and CMD+SPACE podcasts

Update: since publishing, @ttscoff interviewed @dalton on Systematic as did @zeldman on The Big Web Show.


systematic Systematic Episode 36 with @dalton is up now! http://5by5.tv/systematic/36


zeldman ✩ I never "got" App.net 'til I interviewed its CEO/co-founder today. In Big Web Show No. 84, App.net's Dalton Caldwell makes his case. http://cog.gd/4xophotos.app.net/3621333/1


We love podcasts, and recently @dalton has been a guest on two of our favorites.

Today, @glennf interviews @dalton on the latest @newdisruptors. They cover a lot of ground: the App.net backstory, the current app ecosystem, the free tier launch and everything in between.


newdisruptors Episode #13: No-Host Bar Dot Net with @dalton, the head of this very service, App.net. http://www.muleradio.net/newdisruptors/13/ We talk about the disruption of a neutral host that doesn't discriminate against developers, freemium models, and much more.


For even more insight into our decision to release an invite-only free tier  – and to what’s coming down the road – check out @dalton (and Felix’s @billkunz) on last week’s CMD+SPACE.


imyke I was joined by @dalton and @billkunz for a very special @adn edition of CMD+SPACE this week!

Go check it out!




@Dalton on CMD+SPACE Podcast

On Wednesday, @Dalton was a guest on @imyke‘s podcast CMD+SPACE, and he talked about all sorts of aspects of App.net.

Some of the topics covered were:

  • App.net back story
  • The fundraising campaign
  • Goals for 3rd party client usage
  • App marketshare
  • Price dropping
  • Why the name “App.net” makes sense
  • What success means for App.net

The conversation is nearly an hour-long and lays out nicely where App.net is going in the near and long term.  You can listen to the entire podcast here.




App.net Covered in The Magazine

A few weeks ago, Marco Ament launched The Magazine, an iOS Newstand publication for people like us that also experiments with the paid subscription model. Needless to say, we’re fans. The second issue, released today, includes a thoughtful and well-articulated piece by Alex Knight about the current state of Twitter and why App.net is important.

Alex writes:

After closely following Dalton Caldwell’s blog posts, and his general philosophy and goals for the project, I think what he’s trying to build is what I initially always craved from a social networking service: a platform to communicate that would respect its users and development community. By building in a monetizing strategy from the start, App.net can slowly build its userbase while generating an income to pay for staff, expenses, and the continued development of the product. Call me old-fashioned, but I remember a day when you had to exchange money for a service you valued.

You can read the full piece by downloading the app (free seven-day trial), and you’ll find Marco, The Magazine, and Alex (and additional issue two writers @siracusa, @ginatrapani, @lexfri) on App.net.