Backer Update: Last Chance to Back Plink

ss1-smallYou have less than 24 hours left to back Plink, which will make it easier to blog on iOS.

There’s a new $5 tier – just added for the home stretch – for you to commit to getting Plink built.

Plink is an iOS app that lets you upload images and insert them into your blog posts using Markdown or HTML, and @jeffmueler is using Backer to support its development.

“Plink,” writes @jeffmueler, “came about after I grew frustrated with blogging on iOS devices. Uploading images and embedding them in posts is non-trivial thanks to frustrating blogging apps that provide limited options for photo storage hosts and poor defaults for automatic link insertion.”

Help support Plink now.

Backer of the Day: Limited Edition Tips from the Top Floor Poster

rain_over_reykjavikToday’s Backer is for a Limited Edition Poster of a photograph taken by @chrismarquardt, host of the photography podcast, from Tips from the Top Floor.

The photography was taken in Reykjavik, Iceland, and, @chrismarquardt says, “It really shows the contrasts in weather that this exciting island has to offer. The view over the bay is spectacular, with Mt. Esja in the distance, but the rainfall over Reykjavik was what captured my imagination in the end.”

If you’d like a limited edition poster of this stunning picture, order yours now.

What is Vitajot?

Your account lets you access a network of apps – like photo-sharing, group messaging, and mircroblogging – and Vitajot is a new (free) private journaling app for Android.

The idea behind Vitajot, as its developer @rrbrambley writes, “was to have somewhere to put all my unfiltered thoughts and photos – without having to worry about how other people would feel about them.”

With Vitajot – similar to Ohai for iOS – your content is organized by day, and you can keep track of what you’re doing or thinking and where you’re going by adding photos, text, or location information. So often there are things you’d like to remember or document that you don’t want to share but DO want a record of. Vitajot gives you that option.

Additionally, because Vitajot uses your file storage, photos you add to a specific entry can be accessed in another app on the platform (if you give it permission).

Vitajot  is free, although you can upgrade to a paid subscription to access premium features, like passcode lock and the ability to save journal entries offline. Not sure you want to upgrade? You can try out the paid tier free for thirty days.

@rrbrambley wrote a blog post about the app with more information.



Backer Update: Thinkful hit its initial goal

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 12.20.11 PM

Congrats to the Thinkful team for hitting their initial Backer goal!

They will now create an online course on AngularJS that will last three months with an expected time commitment of 7-10 hours per week.

There are still three days left for their Backer to hit their first stretch goal. If they receive $20,000, they will add office hours at the launch of this new class with mentors who are available to all students for an hour. The mentors are available every day, and students use office hours as a free bonus to the coursework.

Help Thinkful hit its stretch goal.


New in Broadcast: Pain Train, His Majesty Andre, Anneorshine…

2014-03-17 14.22.21Each week, we showcase some of our favorite channels:

  • The webcomics community continues to embrace Broadcast as a way to let readers know instantly when a new comic is published. Mark Pain’s Pain Train is among our favorites of late.
  • Like a lot of DJs and bands, His Majesty Andre is using Broadcast to let fans know when he’s put out new songs.
  • Anneorshine, the popular DIY and fashion YouTube artist, sends a Broadcast every time she uploads a new video to YouTube.
  • The experimental and narrative history journal The Appendix – fascinating reading if you’re unfamiliar — Broadcasts when it publishes new blog posts.
  • Podcasts love Broadcast, and the science fiction and fantasy podcast, Sword & Laser, is the latest to send a Broadcast to announce new episodes.

What is Broadcast? Broadcast makes it easy (and free) for anyone on an iPhone or Android device to publish and subscribe to real-time updates.

Remember, with Broadcast, publishers reach all their subscribers in real time, every time; and, likewise subscribers receive the updates from publishers they’ve chosen to subscribe to. doesn’t decide which broadcasts you receive, you do.

The most popular Broadcast channels  publish regularly — once-a-day, or at least every other day — and include an image along with a ‘read more’ link. Publishers can get even more subscribers by using our promote tools.

Backer of the Day: Limited Edition Tobias Gualke Poster

Tobias Gaulke PosterToday’s Backer is a limited-edition poster of a very beautiful photograph taken by Tobias Gaulke, a passionate photographer living in Zurich, Switzerland.

Gaulke says, “I chose this particular photograph because I think it is a great and unique moment I experienced on Malta – everything was just right. The light, the mood, you just have to love this photo.”

If you love it too, you can order yours today.

Backer of the Day: 47 Bronin Limited Edition Poster and T-shirt


Today’s Backer is from one of our favorite webcomics, 47 Bronin, offering a limited edition poster and t-shirt.

Jamie Noguchi, the mastermind behind 47 Bronin (and Yellow Peril) writes, “I had a lot of fun making the 47 Bronin, my modern retelling of the Japanese Chushingura legend, and wanted to commemorate it with a limited special edition poster and t-shirt.”

Order your limited edition 47 Bronin poster and t-shirt today.